Italian Yellow Gold Charms

What are charms and what makes them so special? Why are the Italian yellow gold charms so in and what are their qualities? Read on to find more in our information guide.

Charms are actually tiny ornamental pieces which instead of being used alone, are used as a part or accessory of other larger pieces of jewelry. Usually, worn in chains as pendants or hanging pieces in bracelets, they have found new ways to be in fashion. Now charms are being used as jewelry items being pinned to dresses and collars of shirts, stuck on the antennas of cell phones, decorating napkin holders, wine glasses and even quilts. Charms usually come in various shapes, designs, characters and sometimes symbols and signs.


The history of charms can be traced back to ancient times. In olden days, people had a superstition about the “evil eye”. It meant that if a person was jealous of your qualities or possessions, his jealousy could curse you and you could be deprived of your belongings. Charms were worn to protect one’s self from all evil wishers. Charms were thought to have special protective powers.

Charms in Today’s World

Although charms have lost the respect they once had as having special powers, yet they are here to stay. They are still considered to bring good luck, but not as faithfully as before. But most of all, they have a prominent place in the fashion scene. They showcase their wearer’s likings and sense of style.

Yellow Gold

The precious metal of gold has always been in great demand. In ancient times, it was a way to show one’s wealth. Women all through out history have simply loved gold. They have been using it to enhance their beauty.

As pure gold is too soft to be durable, some metal base has to be chemically combined to form a gold alloy. The gold content in this alloy can be measured using carats. The colour of gold is due to the percentage of gold and the base metal. Changing the metal base will change the colour of gold.

Gold gets its all time favorite yellow gold colour, when it forms an alloy with copper, nickel and zinc and the percentage of copper is higher than the rest of the metals. This combination gives it more durability and it copes with the wear and tear of daily life more effectively. The European gold standard is 18 k, but higher carats are also used. However, charms are mostly produced in 14 k, as they have more strength and they are more economical.

Italian Yellow Gold Charms

Italy offers unique and well crafted 14 k yellow gold charms that have a wide range. Antique designs, contemporary ones, exotic symbols and signs …. All are here for you to choose from. They are pretty, but there is more to it. Their luster does not erode easily, nor do they chip easily. They are durable and can be cleaned easily. The greatest quality is yet to come. They are very, very reasonable. You can find charms ranging from $10 to way beyond. It all depends on you!!!

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