Antique Mexican Pottery

Are you looking to add a uniquely antique touch to your home decor? Antique Mexican pottery is a decadent way to instantly create an authentic rustic atmosphere. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Mexico has one of the longest standing and venerable histories when it comes to pottery and ceramics, one that dates back thousands of years, and includes such cultural powerhouses as the Mayans and Aztecs. It is, however, illegal to take Pre-Columbian artifacts out of Mexico. Mexican pottery in its relatively more modern form has been largely influenced by techniques introduced by the Spanish during the Spanish conquest, and also has elements of Chinese, Italian and Arabic pottery design. The production method of authentic Mexican pottery in specialised regions such as Oaxaca and Puebla has not changed in centuries, and maintains its traditional look and finish.


Antiques attract many collectors these days, and Mexican pottery is certainly a very collectable item.  The range of exclusive hand-made pottery pieces is phenomenal, and the distinct regional styles makes for an interesting and enjoyable collecting experience. Most items are generally considered antique if they are over 100 years old, and since the production method has not changed for several centuries, it may be a little difficult to identify antique Mexican pottery without a little closer examination.

What to Look For

As with any antique, you may need to thoroughly research exactly what it is you are looking for before you embark on the antique-finding journey. Because of the nature of ceramics and pottery in general, antique pieces may be worn or chipped slightly, which may devalue the piece. Look for pieces that have all parts intact, for example, lids, handles and other small adornments. Paintwork should also be intact, and edges and rims should not be chipped. Mexican pottery generally has the mark of the potter on the base, as well as its origins, which will be vital in ascertaining whether a piece is antique or not. Ornaments and showpieces will generally be of higher antique value, as opposed to tableware and pottery that is designed for everyday use.

Buying Antique

Keep into consideration that, as mentioned earlier, the pottery process has not changed for centuries, and so new Mexican pottery that is from a genuine and reputable Mexican pottery workshop will essentially have the same features as an antique piece apart from its age. Antique pieces, however, are readily available at select outlets and online, and are often labeled as “vintage” so as not to cause any confusion as to its legality.

Antique Mexican Pottery In the Future

The art of crafting handmade pottery is fast becoming a dying profession, with a huge decline in workshops in recent decades. As new production wanes, it is likely that authentic Mexican pottery may become highly sought after in the future, and antique, vintage or collectible pieces may become quite valuable if they are kept in mint condition.

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