Festivals in Venice

Are you going on holiday to Venice in Italy? Would you like your vacation to coincide with one of the festivals in Venice? Our guide to festivals in Venice gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

With its romantic canals and charming architecture, Venice is a great place to enjoy a holiday in Italy. Despite its small size, Venice also hosts a lot of festivals every year, some of which draw visitors from all over the world. Below we’ve mentioned just a few of the most popular festivals that take place in Venice.

Carnival of Venice Italy

The Carnival, or Carnevale as it’s known in Italian, is probably the biggest single festival to be hosted in Venice every year. The Venice Carnival usually kicks off sometime in January or early February every year and lasts for ten days and nights.  During the Venice carnival, revellers dress up in fancy dress costumes and masks and celebrate with huge street parties. Although the Venice Carnival has historical roots and the Venetians still participate, the overwhelming majority of people who come to celebrate the Venice Carnival are foreign tourists.

Venice Film Festival Italy

Although not as famous among the public as the film festival in Cannes, the Venice film festival is very much respected among members of the film industry. The Venice film festival takes place every year, usually in august and attracts big names from the international movie industry.

Venice Biannual Festival

As the name suggests, this festival occurs in Venice every other year during the summer months. The festival is mainly a celebration of art and dozens of art displays can be found in public spaces all across the city of Venice for the duration of the summer.

Festival of the Four Republics in Venice

This festival is jointly celebrated with the former Italian city states of Almafi, Genoa, and Pisa. Each city takes its turn at hosting this festival which means that it occurs in Venice once every four years. The Festival is marked by street celebrations, art displays and market stalls.

Redentore Festival in Venice

This annual festival in Venice takes place every summer towards the end of July. The culmination of the festival is a huge firework display that is put on at midnight after an evening of gondola races.

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