Long Beach Jazz Festival

Planning for the Long Beach Jazz Festival? Learn more about the Long Beach Jazz Festival, organized in a beautiful part of Long Beach…

The Long Beach Jazz Festival is an exciting experience. It is conducted on a beautiful location in a grassy knoll surrounded by the lagoon. It has some of the top performers every year to create that superior jazz experience. The outdoor setting for the event is accompanied with great food and music. The art and the jazz experience is unforgettable.

Tickets for the Long Beach Jazz Festival

There’s a unique artist lineup every year, and audiences are thrilled with the musicians chosen for the program on an annual basis. The program is so popular that lost tickets are not replaced and all the sales are final, so you cannot have any cancellations. Tickets are available in the form of general and box tickets for purchase. The show generally runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the tickets are sold as VIP and general.

The venue has special services for VIP holders like prepared meals and all the amenities. A personal waiter serves the guests and there is an opportunity to meet the jazz musicians later on.

Long Beach Jazz Festival Musicians

The festival musicians include notables like Eldridge Jackson, David Sanborn, Ledisi. There are also featured musicians like the Jazz Attack, which is an entire trio of Rick Braun, Richard Elliot and Jonathan Butler. Leading musicians have included the Les McCann Swiss Movement and the Japanese jazz band known as Hiroshima. Furthermore, Brian Bromberg and Lance McDonald bring up the rear with their amazing performances. Barbara Morrison also performs in some of the shows along with Angie Stone and Ramsey Lewis. There is a new selection of musicians on each day of the event.

Parking at the Long Beach Jazz Festival

You can get parking at Marina Green Park and the convention center parking structure, which is located on the seaside. With so many options and different prices for parking, there is ample opportunity for drivers to get parking either at the venue or slightly further down.

Policies at the Festival

For personal safety and event management there are basic policies implemented. There is a restriction on alcohol, glass bottles and cans. You may not bring video equipment or cameras. In order to sit in the lawn is only allowed to bring in sand chairs. It is not permitted to get umbrellas and lawn chairs as the grass will be destroyed. There are the restrictions on footstools and footrests.

Any blowout furniture, thermos or portable grill is not allowed. You can have a cooler that is less than 46 quarts. If you would like to get high backed chairs and umbrellas you can place them only against the back wall. Metal utensils and metal containers are also not allowed.

If you’re visiting from out of town it is possible to go to wonderful Long Beach hotels. The hotels located on 700 Queensway Dr. are very close to the festival. You can go on the water taxi or the bus shuttles that run to and from the venue. Located on the lagoon, the jazz festival is an exciting experience on its own. However, arriving there in a water taxi service makes it even more enchanting. The featured hotel is known for shuttling its guests to the venue in style and on time. Therefore it is preferred by those arriving at the Long Beach Jazz festival.

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