Italy Ski Guide

Are you going on a skiing holiday to Italy? Want to know when & where in Italy to go skiing? Our guide to skiing in Italy gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Italy has a great number of excellent skiing resorts dotted all along its northern borders. Skiing in Italy has traditionally been seen as second best to skiing in Switzerland; however, considering the Alps in Switzerland and Italy are the same and skiing facilities at ski resorts in Italy are always improving, there is no reason to assume skiing in Italy provides an inferior experience.

Languages and skiing in Italy

One of the interesting things about skiing in Italy is that you almost feel that you are in a different country depending on the resort in Italy you choose to go skiing at. The northern borders of Italy are where the Alps are, which cross into France and Switzerland. People skiing at resorts in Italy which are near to the French border will find that the local people and food tend to be more French than Italian. The same is true for Italian ski resorts located near the border with Switzerland.

Cross border skiing in Italy

Because the Alps cross the borders of Italy, France and Switzerland, it is possible to go skiing in these countries from Italian ski resorts. Very often, a ski resort in Italy will have some of its runs crossing into neighbouring countries and it’s perfectly acceptable to ski into these countries from Italy.

Cross country skiing in Italy

One of the best places to go cross country skiing in Italy is the Grand Paradiso National Park. If the long and adventurous cross country skiing routes in this Italian national park don’t take your breath away, the beautiful scenery certainly will.

Skiing in Aosta

The Pila ski resort near Aosta in Italy is a great place to go skiing as a family because the ski runs are sufficiently varied to cater for skiers of all levels. In total, this ski resort at Pila in Italy has some 70 km of runs which are available to visitors to ski on. The highest peak at this ski resort in Aosta is 2700m above sea level and the entire ski resort is well connected by a network of ski lifts. There are also a few restaurants and cafes at the centre of this ski resort in Italy where you can have lunch or enjoy a hot drink between ski runs.

Skiing at Di chisone and Di susa Valleys in Italy

These are two of the most famous ski resorts in Italy and are commonly referred to as the Milky Way. These are two adjacent valleys each with their own set of ski runs and cable lifts for skiers. Apart from the good skiing terrain at these ski resorts in Italy, the location is highly accessible. These ski resorts are near Turin and are very popular skiing destinations with the locals of Turin. In addition the main highway, the railway between Italy and France is located nearby which means one can easily drive or take the train to these ski resorts in Italy.

Costs of Skiing in Italy

The cost of a ski pass in Italy varies depending on where you want to ski in Italy and how much skiing you intend to do. The best option if you are considering a proper skiing holiday is to buy a multi day ski pass. A three day ski pass that allows you to ski in several ski resorts located in the same general region of Italy will cost you about 100 Euros. A six day pass will work out slightly cheaper per day costing about 180 Euros. Some ski passes allow you to use ski runs that are situated on the other side of the Italian border in Switzerland.

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