Population in Italy

Are you going on holiday to Italy? Want to know some basic facts and statistics about the population in Italy? Our guide to the population of Italy gives you the information you want.

Population Distribution of Italy

From a total population of 58 million, approximately 10 million Italians are over the age of 65. This is likely to pose difficulties for the Italian government in forthcoming years with regards to the provision of state pensions as the percentage of retired people in Italy is increasing.

Population growth of Italy

The population growth rate of Italy is 0.05%. This is an extremely slow rate of growth and cause for concern as if current population growth figures in Italy prevail at their current rate there will likely be labour shortages in future years. The average birth rate per woman in the Italian population is 1.3 children. This is approximately half the population birth rate of many other EU member states. Only 14% of the current population of Italy are under the age of 14.

Population Concentrations in Italy

Italy does have a rural population who survive on agriculture; however, like other Western European countries the main population concentrations are in the main cities. Rome, Naples and Milan are three cities in Italy with the highest population concentrations.

Ethnic Populations in Italy

Despite differences in regional culture, the majority of the Italian population are ethnically quite homogeneous. Small ethnic minorities of Germans, French and Slovenians do exist in the population of northern Italy.  In the south of Italy there are also small populations of Italians who are ethnically Greek or Albanian.

Gender Population Ratio in Italy

The gender distribution in the Italian population is quite even with 1.07 boys being born to every girl.

Life Expectancy in Italy

Life expectancy in Italy is what one might expect of a population from a Western European country. Average life expectancy for the total population of Italy is 79 years. Average life expectancy for the female population of Italy is 82 while for the male population it is 76.

Literacy Rate in Italy

The literacy rate for the population of Italy is 98%.

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