Row Italian Cypress Garden

Looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your garden? Find out what you can accomplish by planting some Italian Cypress trees to turn your garden into a row Italian cypress garden.

Those of us that have a garden space in our houses are always looking for ways to enhance the space. This is because having a garden in the house is a great opportunity to add a unique element of design and a touch of class to your house. For some of us gardens give us the pleasure of being able to sit amongst the greenery. No matter what your garden fancies are an Italian style garden is sure to keep you satisfied. This is because an Italian style garden is exquisite, unique and taken as a symbol of class. You will find it to transform your house all of a sudden into this majestic place that no one wants to get out of. Amongst the different kinds of Italian Gardens is the row Italian cypress garden which is one of the most beautiful styles that you will have ever seen.

 Italian Cypress Tree Gardens

Italian gardens are known to maintain a sense of uniformity. Traditionally the Italians are fond of using geometrical shapes and symmetrical arrangements in their garden styling. What could be better than the Italian Cypress tree to add to the uniformity of the place? For those of you who do not know what the Italian Cypress tree looks like try imagining the long slim trees that you often get to see in the U.S golf open tournaments on the golf courses. There are very few trees that have such a conspicuous shape as these trees that remain so upright irrespective of their height. One of the things that set these trees apart is the horizontal branches that stem out from the main bark. The Italian Cypress tree is a dense evergreen tree that does not shed its leaves at any time of the year thus ensuring that your row Italian Cypress garden stays lively the whole year round.

Amongst the things that set this Italian garden element apart is the fact that these trees grow at an exceptionally fast rate. The average size of the tree measures about 40 to 60 feet in height and an alarmingly narrow width of 3 to 6 feet only. It has a symmetrical crown and tiny sized medium green leaves. The flowering on this tree is insignificant as it produces small brown colored fruit the size of a golf ball. The long and slim tree features short and small branches that grow upright around the main trunk.

If you are going to be planting the Italian Cypress tree in your Italian style garden then make sure they get plenty of sunlight because these trees are sun loving plants. The roots of this tall tree are not at all invasive. The wood of the tree gives off a nice fragrance and is resinous as well. You will have to take good care of your row Italian cypress garden as they are vulnerable to develop mites and other diseases. Your row Italian cypress garden is bound to live for many years as these trees are known to have an exhaustive lifespan.

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