African American Short Hairstyles

African American short hairstyles are very common not only for men, but for women as well mainly because these styles make the hair look more dynamic and manageable. In this article, you will discover ways on how to enhance the texture of African Ame

Relaxed Hairstyles

Relaxers are commonly used by African Americans in order to make curl or wave patterns in the hair. An example of this is the Jheri Curl hairstyle, which is a result of relaxing the hair. This was invented by Jheri Redding, and became one of the most common African American short hairstyles in the ‘80s for both men and women. When sporting this kind of hairstyle, it is important that the hair does not dry. To keep the hair wet, moisturizer sprays and activators can be used. These are Jheri Curl products also which are still available and used at present.
On the other hand, S-Curl is the hairstyle mostly sported by men for the purpose of straightening their hair. This kind of hairstyle became popular in the ‘90s, but S-Curl relaxers and texturizing kits are still available in the market today.

Straightened Hairstyles

Another way of achieving great textures for African American short hairstyles is layering. Layering is very common among women and can be done by straightening the hair with the use of straightening combs, hair blowers or even hot curling irons. This hairstyle has become so popular, especially the “short-layered bob”, because it makes the hair so much more manageable and it accentuates the face. A lot of African American women usually make variations of this hairstyle by adding some bangs or highlights on the hair. The short-layered bob hairstyle was even more popularized by African American celebrities Nia Long and Rhianna.

Permed Hairstyles

The most recently discovered way of texturizing African American short hairstyles is through perming. Perming is the process wherein chemicals are used to enhance the look and the texture of the hair. For example, perming  straightened hair will easily make the hair curly through the use of coils and rods or rollers perhaps. When talking about permed short hairstyle for African American women, Madame CJ Walker should be remembered. Walker wore the press and curl style in the ‘30s, resulting in the popularity of such hairstyle among women who wanted to look glamorous and sophisticated at the same time.

Pin-curl styles also used to be one of the most common African American short hairstyles for women in the ‘40s and ‘50s. With this hairstyle, the curls are pinned so that they can easily be pinned on different angles or just lie flat on the head. A lot of women love this type of short hairstyle as it is easy to sleep with. But of course, pin-curl styles can also be worn for proms and weddings.

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