French Crepes

Do you want to have French crepes for breakfast tomorrow? Are you traveling to Paris and thinking about having French crepes as soon as you land in France? Read our guide to male delicious French crepes right at home…

A French crepe is nothing but a thin cooked pancake usually served with a filling. The pancake is made with wheat flour like the traditional pancake but it is considerably thinner.  French crepes originate from Brittany, a region on the northwestern side of France. But ever since the first crepe was served in Brittany there has been no looking back for this delicious snack or desert.

The traditional crepes were served with cider but today all over France they are served with a variety of fillings ranging from sugar to fresh fruits and even chocolate. Some restaurants even serve flambéed crepe. This particular dish is called crepe Suzette and it involves a sprinkling of lightly grated orange peel on a crepe  along with some liqueur which is used to flambé it.

French crepes are available in two types; sweet crepes and the savory galettes. Apart from the difference in filling the savory crepes are made from buck wheat flour which is gluten free. This means even people who suffer from gluten allergy can eat the savory crepes. On the other hand the sweet crepes are made from wheat flour.

The common ingredients apart from the flour include eggs, milk, butter and some salt to taste. The ingredients are used to make a thin batter which is then poured over a hot frying pan with some form of fat, either oil or butter. Since the batter is thin it is easy to spread it around the pan by tilting it or with the help of a spatula.

The sweet crepes can be eaten as a desert or as a breakfast item. The common fillings in the sweet French crepes include maple syrup, whipped cream, fruit spreads, fresh fruit pieces (bananas, strawberries or any other soft fruit), sugar and even Nutella spread or freshly shaved chocolate.

On the other hand the savory French crepes will usually have a filling made of ham, spinach, cheese, asparagus, egg, artichoke, sausages, artichoke, mushrooms and even ratatouille.

A particularly famous filling for the sweet French crepes is cherries cooked in Kijafa wine sauce. This variety is called the Cherry Kijafa crepes. For vegetarians it is also possible to make crepes without eggs with just the inclusion of milk.

It is common to find crêperie all over France selling authentic French crepes. These small stalls or takeaway restaurants have turned the traditional crepes into fast food or street food. French Crepes are not only famous across France but they are enjoyed with equal relish in other parts of the world such as the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and Canada.

So on your next visit to Paris, make it a point to walk into a local café or crêperie and order an authentic French crepe its best eaten hot in the company of loved ones.


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