Villa Nottola Tuscany Italy

Want to learn more about Villa Nottola, Tuscany, Italy? Read on for factual info on this impressive farmhouse converted into a vacation accommodation in Tuscany…

Villa Nottola is one of the most popular resorts in Tuscany. The villa has been constructed in the form of an old farmhouse which has vineyards and olive groves surrounding it. The picturesque farmhouse is situated on the gentle slopes of the Tuscan hills and is considered to be the perfect family holiday farm.

The location actually has five different fully restored farmhouses that offer deluxe accommodation, which includes fully serviced rooms, suites and complete holiday houses. The facility also has its own restaurant, a large sized swimming pool constructed in the center of the olive grove along with a souvenir shop selling interesting artifacts.

The pair of Luisa and Giuseppe manages this section of the Vila Nottola that is open to tourists. The managers ensure that visitors to the region experience an unforgettable holiday at this highly revered spot in Tuscany.

The beautiful farmhouse has large sized deluxe rooms. Each deluxe bedroom has an attached bath with a beautiful double brickwork washbasin, large shower boxes and a complimentary hairdryer for the guests.

In order to provide a comfortable stay all rooms have been fitted with an air conditioner and heating system. Also, part of the room amenities is a satellite television and a personal fridge. Every room also has either a double bed or a set of twin beds.

Along with the six deluxe bedrooms the Villa Nottola has a total of 13 suites, each of which has its own sitting room along with the wide size bedroom and bath. It has all the amenities that the above-mentioned deluxe rooms are serviced with.

In addition it features a sofa bed in the living room which gives visitors the chance to accommodate the third or fourth person in the same suite.

The third type of accommodation that the villa has to offer is apartments. The main building has a total of eight apartments, each of which is situated on a dedicated floor. Every apartment has an inbuilt kitchen equipped with all the essential items such as an electrical oven and a refrigerator. The apartments are also embedded with a heating system but are not air-conditioned.

The range of community amenities that the Villa Nottola of Tuscany has to offer includes free parking space, central air-conditioning, congress and meeting rooms as well as banquet facilities. The villa also welcomes pets and has a dedicated pool for children apart from the large sized swimming pool for adults.

The impressive apartments, suites and deluxe rooms can all be rented out on short-term basis. This gives the tourists a chance to experience the marvel of Villa Nottola during their trip to Tuscany. It is however, important to make your reservations in advance because the facility tends to be quite busy during the peak vacation seasons. You can always make your reservations online by accessing the Villa Nottola website.

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