Cosy Cottage France

Want to learn more about Cozy cottage France design? Read our guide for facts and info on how you can capture the cozy cottage France style in your home…

When designing your home to replicate the charm of a cozy French cottage you should be able to evoke feelings of walking down a narrow country road and into a cozy French cottage in the French countryside.

Cozy French Cottage Exterior

When designing such a house the exterior of the house is as important as the inside in creating the right effect. If you use country charm on the exterior, you can replicate the effect by using wooden fences, lattice dividers, terra-cotta pots, gravel filled drive way and a water feature to complete the look. Accessorize the porch with comfortable chairs, plump cushions and colorful pillows and throws. Of course the cozy French cottage will look more charming and inviting with flowerpots, evergreens and other plantation both inside and outside.

Cozy French Cottage Interior

Once you open the heavy wooden door the inside should be reminiscent of a cozy French cottage which is both welcoming and simple. You can create this effect with beautiful furnishings, antique furniture that has been in the family for a while and combine it with antique homespun fabric and décor items.

The province countryside decor from France aims to bring the outdoors inside the cozy cottage, and take the interior look outdoors. This effect is created by using French monogrammed linens with many flowery and fruity prints, or cushions and pillows filled with soft goose down, old Tole Trays and Trolleys along with unusual lamps often created by reusing vintage French porcelain vases.

Getting the Ambience Right for French Country Style Décor

There are many unique pieces available in the market to help you create a cozy French cottage. And the best thing about this theme is that you can blend old items with new ones every time you want to change things around a bit and add a new piece to your collection. Creating a cozy French cottage theme is the latest trend these days because it offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for a room with spirit.

There are no fixed rules when decorating in the French country style, and the main objective is to create a relaxing, comforting and welcoming atmosphere in the room. It should be casual enough for you to curl up on the sofa or spend time in the informal room with friends. This room is supposed to be playful, romantic and slightly elegant and this ambience needs to be jelled together for the right effect.

Sheer curtains of lace or playful toile fabric are ideal for the cozy cottage theme. You can hang classy window treatments from oars to get Lakeside charm, and use stripy patterns for a marine cottage feel. You can make casual fabrics look great with this theme especially if they have flowers and fruits printed on them in decorative patterns.

Similarly furniture that is whitewashed and slightly distressed and looks aged is utilized in singular or multiple pieces to create a comfortable room that flows together. The porch can have rustic willow furniture and a distress painted swing. The main living room should have inviting settees and sofas that allow you to recline and relax. With a few printed slip covers, you can change the print on the sofa from floral to fruity as required. Lighting is another aspect to look at for the cozy French cottage theme. Use hurricane lamp candles, group votives and instead of one large chandelier, have many lamps scattered across the home.

Each room should have one focal point; say perhaps the living room with a fireplace, bedrooms with a beautiful day bed and night bed with four posters, the main hallway with a stunning mirror framed in antlers. Try and create the rustic elegance by mixing aged pieces of furniture with rich fabrics or vice versa.

If you like to collect items then the cozy French cottage theme is ideal for you because it allows you to build on the look of the room by adding on rustic or elegant items as time goes by.



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