Santa Ana California Homes For Sale Real Estate

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Santa Ana is a beautiful city in California, and real estate values and prices here have dropped recently. The city is made up of four general neighborhood divisions, and has a population of almost three hundred and fifty thousand people. Homes for sale here can vary widely in price, condition, design, and size.

Real estate in California is in demand, and this is especially true of Santa Ana. Homes for sale in this area can fetch high prices, sometimes running into millions of dollars. There is a wide variety of housing, with half of the homes here rented out and around forty eight percent owner occupied.

The Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Santa Ana took a hit in the last few years, but the home values have recently stopped dropping and started to stabilize as the economy picks back up. Homes for sale here have a median value of more than three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, down from a few years ago but still more than double the median value ten years ago.

The real estate market in Santa Ana, California is finally starting to recover, and this means that homes for sale in the city may start to see rising values and market prices again.

The Neighborhoods

The city of Santa Ana, California is divided into four large sections or neighborhoods. Real estate and homes for sale in the city will have differing values and prices, depending on which neighborhood the property is located in.

The Diamond area of Santa Ana mainly consists of homes for sale valued at less than a million dollars, although there are some above this price. Real estate in the Bristol area can range significantly in value, with many homes from half a million dollars all the way up to five million or more.

City Facts

Santa Ana, California has a cost of living index rated twenty two percent more expensive than the national average. The median income here is around fifty thousand dollars, and real estate is available in many types. You will find homes for sale, houses for rent, and even condos and apartments here.

More than forty percent of the Santa Ana residents have children, making real estate here a good choice for parents. Homes for sale in California also offer a sunny climate and mild weather all year long.

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