Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Discover the wide range of activities that take place during the blooming season in Japanese cherry blossom festivals.

The cherry blossom tree holds a very prominent place in Japanese culture and tradition. For the Japanese the cherry blossom is no ordinary tree rather it is a tree to be celebrated and boy do the Japanese celebrate it! The country of Japan is famous for its Cherry Blossom festivals that are held in full fervor during the peak season.

It is the spring season during which the Japanese cherry blossom trees begin to bloom and with that start the festive celebrations. The tradition of cherry blossom festivals revolves around all sorts of outlandish entertainment with folk music being one of the most prominent attractions of the festivals.

In modern times the cherry blossom festivals are a time when concerts are arranged and there is a lot of musical activity going on in the country. The streets are filled with rides and games of different kinds for the children to enjoy.

The traditional Japanese dress known as the kimono is also brought out on the streets in the form of special kimono shows that becomes a fusion of Japanese culture. Beautifully arranged flower displays are also amongst the attractions of the festive seasons.

Basically the cherry blossom festival season is a mix of all sorts of activities ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other. On the one hand the Japanese will be hosting beauty pageants whereas on the other end there will be a religious ceremony going on.

The spring season, which is the season of celebration, brings back the fresh cherry blossom flowers that cover the landscape in their purple haze. The first week of April is perhaps the ideal time to witness the cherry blossom trees at their level best bloomed and beautiful to the extent that they can be really awe inspiring.

Although the cherry blossom festival is being celebrated all over the country in some way or the other there are certain regions that are renowned for the activities that take place there. The two most popular regions are that of Shinjugyoen and Ueno Park.

An interesting part of the Japanese cherry blossom festival season is flower watching. This unusual tradition actually bled into Japanese culture through China a long time back. The tradition is known as Hana-mi and is considered to be a spiritually revitalizing activity to engage in.

Basically you will find many people, friends and families gathered around cherry blossom trees with their picnic baskets enjoying the sweet sights and smells that create a wonderful ambiance around them.

Wherever there are cherry blossom trees there will be food stalls. The food items on the stall will all be revolving around the use of cherries. You will be able to find some of the most amazing treats to tantalize your taste buds during the peak season at these stalls.

A number of important festivals are held each year at pre-designated venues. The most popular venue amongst them happens to be the Kumamoto Castel Cherry Blossom Festival.

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