Japanese Garden Décor

There is an abundance of choice when selecting Japanese garden décor. For ideas on how to create the right atmosphere using Japanese-inspired décor read our guide…

Japanese gardens are sign of peace and tranquility. The décor added to the garden is not what makes it a Japanese garden. It is how that décor is added. The décor comes in all shapes and sizes and makes up the garden itself. From the stone water basins to the garden benches and greenery, each element contributes to the overall ambience that makes a Japanese garden.

Water is a major element in Japanese gardens. Therefore, it is a major décor element. Each type of water basin has its own use as well.

•    Stone water basins – usually located near the front of the garden, welcoming visitors in with a cool drink and to relax away the worries of the day by dipping their fingers in and rubbing across their brow or eyes.

•    Carved ornamental basins – for viewing only and are used to grow lilies or other floating ornamental plants and remind us life is sustained by water.

•    Rain Catching Stones –a type of basin. These stones have a natural hollow and are representative of a high lake surrounded by mountains. They collect rainwater and give the illusion of a miniature world.

•    Tsukubai carved stone basin – placed on a low flat rock requiring bending to reach the water. The act of bending means supplication and reverence. This basin does not have a dipper, meaning that this water is for the soul only.

•    Suikinkutsu or water harp – invisible because it is located underneath the Tsukubai stone basin. It is a special part of a Japanese garden.  Because of the way this basin is made, it makes the sound of something you would hear in a cave. They have to be “tuned” to match the droplet size and other elements of the water as well.

•    Deer Chaser – makes a loud clunk as water goes from one section of it to the other. The water comes from a spout and fills a hollow rod and tips it downward. Once the rod is empty, it tips back up, making the clunk sound, and starts all over again.

Other décor items will include Stone Lanterns, which come in various shapes and sizes, which are usually paired with stone basins. Some are free standing where others need to be set or hung from something.

Stone Landscaping is also another décor element that is very popular to Japanese gardens and most gardens will have this as a theme. They provide levels and heights and can be stacked around bushes and trees. They can be made into benches and bridges as well.

Bridges are another décor item that will be commonly found in a Japanese garden. Covered or uncovered, they are made from wood or stone and connect islands or help to cross creeks and rivers in gardens or even koi ponds.  All of these items, along with greenery, will give you a gorgeous Japanese garden.

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