China Cabinet Buffets

China Cabinet Buffest can be found in various styles. To find out whether you should opt for a buffet style china cabinet or a kitchen buffet hutch read on…

While china cabinets and buffets are often considered separate pieces of furniture, cabinets which have an upper piece that is with glass doors and a lower piece with drawers and closed storage provide the advantages of both pieces in one piece which takes less floor space in small rooms. These cabinets are usually in two pieces with the china cabinet stacked on top of the buffet.

Defining a Cabinet Buffet

Traditionally, a buffet or sideboard was a piece of furniture on which food could be placed for serving. Putting food on the buffet kept the table surface clear and allowed the food to be kept hot in warming trays. The buffet also provided additional storage space for serving pieces and flatware. Most modern dining areas do not have sufficient space for both a buffet and china cabinet so the two pieces were combined to allow for additional storage space in the china cabinet.

Separate Buffets

It is possible to buy a buffet and china cabinet to be used as separate pieces and this may be practical for those with large dining rooms. Traditional buffets usually have center drawers with cabinet spaces on each side. Smaller pieces are often called hutches and may work well in smaller spaces. Some small buffets have hinged tops that open to allow for additional space when serving meals.

China Cabinet Buffet Combinations

China cabinet buffet combinations come in a range of sizes usually referred to as single, double and triple cabinets. Since these pieces can be quite large, it is important to measure the available space in the room before selecting a china cabinet buffet. Remember to measure the ceiling height since some cabinets are more than six feet in height. When arranging furniture, at least 18 inches must be left between pieces to allow for easy access and space to walk around. More space, at least 24 inches, is  necessary behind dining chairs which will be pulled back from the table during meals.

China cabinets and buffets can also be used in rooms other than dining rooms for additional storage. In a living room or den, a china cabinet can be an attractive alternative to open book shelves and it provides closed storage for hiding away games and toys. Buffets can be used to good effect in large entry areas or in place of sofa tables since they also provide lots of hidden storage space. With a little imagination, these pieces can be versatile and fit anywhere in a home.

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