Japanese Nail Art

Interested in nail art from Japan? Want more facts & information on the subject? Get some insight into the strange culture of Japanese nail art.

The Japanese culture is known for its uniqueness. There are some elements of the Japanese culture that are hard for others to absorb even today. There is no doubt about the fact that the Japanese people are highly creative and skilled craftsmen. Sometimes however they have used their talents in a very awkward manner to develop something that foreigners find hard to absorb.

One of these fields in which the Japanese have exercised their creative muscle is that of nail art. This is a highly impractical medium of art especially for those people who have to work with their hands as it involves wearing nail extensions of up to 2 inches. Nonetheless the Japanese have used this small platform to exercise their creativity and develop intricate designs for people to display on their nails.

This stereoscopic nail art found currency in the mid 90s in Japan. Hence we see this is not part of the ancient art legacy of Japan. This is something that raises even more eyebrows. In this day and age of computers one can’t even type on a keyboard wearing two inch nail extensions. But as is the psychology of the world today, give them something out of the norm and they are bound to adopt it as fashion. Japanese nail art now flourishes not only in Japan but in the US as well as other countries of the world.

Japanese nail art is very different from an average manicure which will allow you to conduct your everyday affairs. These are two inch nail extensions that will not even let you eat in comfort. What’s strange is that the Japanese have gone ahead and created a trend for accessories that will let you function while wearing the nail extensions. Talk about going overboard!

If you are having trouble in opening a can of coke while wearing your Japanese nail art extensions then you need not worry because they have developed a can opener especially for people in such situations. Similarly you will find golf gloves that have space for the nail extensions to come out of the front. This will allow you to flaunt your Japanese nail art while engaging in the sport of golf!

Despite the questionable practicality of this trend one thing is undeniable and that is the artistic skills of the Japanese people who create these items. You will find that the artists make use of hand painting and airbrush techniques on acrylic nail chips. These chips are then attached to the wearer’s real nail from underneath. Some nail artists will offer to work directly on your real nail.

You will find a wide variety of designs when it comes to Japanese nail art. There are variations where Japanese nail artists have tried to create the illusion of depth on a two dimensional service. In other cases Japanese have actually created three dimensional nail extensions by making use of charms and other bits of jewelry along with sculpture powder.

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