Japanese Retro Fashion

Interested in retro fashion from Japan? Find out about the fusion of futuristic fashion and the blast from the past as we take a look at Japanese retro fashion.

Although not many people would agree to this statement in current times but the world of fashion has always been driven by the fairer sex. Men have over the course of history been not necessarily less fashionable but definitely less flamboyant and expressive with their clothes. Well, times have changed now and the world of fashion is taken as a highly improvisational medium of artistic expression.

The fashion canvas in Japan is at its most colourful in today’s times. From the teens to the pop queens and the street boys to the office executive the Japanese have experienced a cultural revolution through fashion.

Many revolutionary changes are taking place within the world of fashion with the passage of time. Amongst the different movements that have shaken the Japanese fashion scene to the ground is the Japanese retro fashion.

At a time when everything seems to be moving forward the Japanese fashion designers have taken a step back in time to bring back to life the forgotten styles of the days gone by. This movement has been driven by the instinct to come up with something out of the box.

Hence the Japanese fashion designers have dug up into their history as well as the history of fashion of various other nations in order to come up with some sort of a fusion that attracts the attention of the masses. This has resulted in a sense of style that is not only a fusion of the East meets the West but also a blast from the past being projected into the future.

With regards to Japanese retro fashion for women the designers have brought back into fashion the wardrobe that the parent generation of the current youth must have worn during their good old days. The typical 20th century actress look has returned as Japanese retro fashion.

There are certain elements that define Japanese retro fashion. The collection of clothing classified under this heading often incorporates large details with an excessive use of buttons, ribbons, and belts, fluffed and flamed hemlines. The emphasis of Japanese retro fashion is on elegance more than anything else.

The prints on the Japanese retro wear are quite old school and distinct. The use of geometric patterns and a highly vibrant colour palette with floral prints is distinctive of Japanese retro fashion. Although these design elements have been taken from the fashion of the days gone by they have not been incorporated as they were. Rather what takes form is a neo version of the classic style as it is spiced up with certain futuristic elements.

Typical Japanese retro fashion apparel includes single piece dresses. Such dresses extend all the way from the shoulder to the thighs. The key element in Japanese retro fashion is the use of the prints that were popular during the 60s through to the 80s. Stripes are in and so are optical illusive illustrations.

By no means is Japanese retro fashion restricted to clothing. Rather it has enveloped all sorts of fashion accessories ranging from jewelry to bags and hats to footwear.

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