Muzzy Spanish

Want to buy Muzzy Spanish for children? Discover the advantages of Muzzy Spanish by reading ahead…

Muzzy Spanish is the Spanish language course for beginners from different age groups crafted by The BBC Language Course for Children.

Using a good mix of multimedia Muzzy Spanish provides a unique learning environment and helps your children to start early and succeed in picking up the language. When you buy one of the Muzzy Spanish CDs you can actually get four more languages in the program.

Recommended for ages 2 to 7+ the level I of Muzzy Spanish helps children to pick up good language skills. Research has proven that the prime time in a child’s life for picking up new languages is the time frame from birth till 12 years of age.

It is a good time to introduce a second language to the children and facilitate them in learning new languages. Muzzy Spanish utilizes animated stories, songs and multimedia combinations to help kids see, listen and learn a good deal of Spanish grammar as well as pick up vocabulary.

Functionality of Muzzy Spanish

Since young kids do not naturally need to be taught using traditional methods at a young age, the focus of Muzzy Spanish is to utilize their natural ability to start picking up a foreign language effortlessly. This can be done by exposing them to another language which can trigger their innate God-given ability to learn other languages.

The national foreign language standards are followed by Muzzy Spanish, which focuses on using functionality in the phrases along with repetition and spiraling. These techniques help in assimilating the language in functional terms. The words and concepts are introduced plainly and then reintroduced in different contexts throughout the course.

These multi-sensory techniques will appeal to all ages of learners. The layers of communication are subtly designed and the visual and audio, as well as contextual language, models allow children to pick up Spanish in a simplified yet enjoyable manner.

The lessons build up in terms of their verbal, visual and spatial effects. Each preceding lesson lays the foundation for an effective learning curve. The words and concepts are just built gradually and encompassed in a repetitive manner.

For example the child might be introduced to a peach tree in the first lesson and then in a different context he would be shown the peach being sold by a fruit vendor along with other fruits like plums and grapes in the next lesson.

The main character in this CD series is known as Muzzy, an animated character who presents and demonstrates the language’s concepts, often visually, for children and other viewers.

Children learn best using a combination of visual and audio cues and this learning tool recognizes and combines both aspects skillfully.  At times humor, and at other times suspense, is utilized to introduce new vocabulary to the child. Children can repeat the words, phrases and sounds until they eventually start speaking them as their level of comprehension grows.

Things You Can Learn from Muzzy Spanish

The themes that Muzzy Spanish focuses on include time, days of the week, transportation, clothes to wear, health and feelings, along with life at home. Children can also learn about small, big and opposites along with family and friends, people and places and the great outdoors.


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