Canadian Sweaters

Are you considering purchasing a Canadian sweater? Do you want to learn about the designs and quality of Canadian sweaters? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Canadian Sweaters is a company based on Vancouver Island in British Colombia with offices in the mainland of the province. The sweaters produced by the company are unique in design and are made only on Vancouver Island making the product unique to the area.  The company, Canadian Sweaters, has been in business since 1977 and has earned the reputation of a world class supplier of sweaters and accessories. Canadian Sweaters was inspired by the natives of Vancouver Island who knit their own sweaters. The creations of Canadian Sweaters are made of 100% natural fibre.


The sweaters produced by Canadian Sweaters use the inspiration of the natives of Vancouver Island to create their unique designs. The designs common to Canadian Sweaters are not only unique but also related to native culture. Canadian Sweaters are handmade and the material used in knitting is a bulky wool yarn. The material used means that sweaters are often bulky and many people choose to wear them as a jacket.

Canadian Sweaters are available in both historic and contemporary designs. Every design is hand knit and no two sweaters are exactly alike. Canadian Sweaters offers a wide variety of choices as there are numerous designs and colours to select from. Canadian Sweaters also classifies their products into series that have specific characteristics. The heritage series is unique as the sweater is constructed of natural un-dyed wool. All of the designs offered by Canadian Sweaters are classic and available in either a sweater or a vest.

Custom Options

Canadian Sweaters produces most of its products for custom orders meaning that the customer has a large amount of input in the creation of their product. A customer of Canadian Sweaters not only chooses the design and colour of their sweater but also size as well as different features.  Canadian Sweaters are available in a variety of sizes for both adults and youth, which can also be altered upon ordering. It is also possible to add additional options such as a hood to any Canadian Sweater. Canadian Sweaters also produces accessories such as mitts, socks, gloves, hats and scarves which are an excellent addition to the traditional sweater.

Canadian Sweaters are available in some retail stores; however, it is often easy and more options are available if the purchase is made directly through the company. The Canadian Sweaters company allows customers to order purchases via email, fax, snail mail or telephone. Also, because Canadian Sweaters are all hand crafted the company requires a 50% deposit to start producing the order. After Canadian Sweaters has received an order and the deposit due to the amount of work in producing the garment 7 to 10 days are required for a sweater, while accessories such as socks can be produced in a shorter period of time. Canadian Sweaters promises to that the order will be shipped within 14 days of receiving the order or they will contact the customer to inform them of the reason for the delay.



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