Acapulco Family Resorts

Looking for an all inclusive family resort for your Acapulco vacation? Want to know where the best Acapulco family resorts are? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Acapulco is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Mexico with hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the globe stopping off here to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. With a long history of receiving tourists, Acapulco has developed quite a good tourism infrastructure with plenty of things to do and most importantly plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation. There are several top class hotel resorts in Acapulco where you can spend your vacation; however, if you’re taking your family along you’ll want to choose the best one so there’s something to keep everyone entertained including the kids.

Famous Resorts in Acapulco

There are literally dozens of resorts in Acapulco with an excellent array of amenities at your disposal. The Fairmont, Las Brisas, Mayan Palace, Princess and Canadian are all famous and popular resorts in Acapulco. Whether or not you stay at one of these resorts will depend mainly on your budget. Although generally cheaper than staying at a five star hotel resort in the States, if you plan on spending a couple of weeks in Acapulco then your resort bill could add up to quite a substantial amount if you stay at a top end resort. There are several resorts in Acapulco that provide a family friendly atmosphere at a cheaper price and the kids might find more fun anyway.

Acapulco Resort Facilities

Resorts in Acapulco provide more or less the same facilities as you’d expect to find at a similar resort anywhere else in the world. Perhaps the most important thing is the swimming pool; many resorts have two or more with one being reserved for quiet relaxation while the other is where the kids can splash around and play. Apart from the pool there is usually a whole host of other sports and entertainment facilities available to guests ranging from bowling alleys to table tennis to volleyball and more. For the moms there is always a spa which provides massage, manicure, pedicure and facial services.

Many family oriented resorts will also put on shows for the kids to keep them occupied for a couple of hours allowing the parents to spend some alone time together. This can make all the difference to a great vacation as it allows all family members their own time to relax and unwind.





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