Antique Mexican Furniture

Are you looking to restyle your home to give it that exquisitely rustic, antique feel? Antique Mexican furniture is a classic way to furbish your home with beautiful one-off focus pieces. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Antique Mexican furniture has a unique casual functionality, with straightforward designs and rustic character. Despite its overall practical look, there is a definite attention to detail in most Mexican antiques, particularly when it comes to carvings, embellishments and overall construction. There is absolutely no danger of finding MDF, laminates or any other shortcuts in an antique!

There are clear Spanish colonial influences that lend a decidedly Latin-American flourish to an otherwise plain design. The wood used in antique furniture often shows signs of aging that give it distinct character, such as lightly worn edges, variegated colors and minor scratches and chips. The weathered, handmade finish of most Mexican antiques has a much deeper, aged tone than new furniture, and will give a warm, classic look to any room.

Antique Adornments

Antique furniture benefits greatly from including other antique elements into its design, such as intricate antique locks and original patina washes. Beautiful iron accents such as hinges, drawer handles and cornices come as standard fare in Mexican antique furniture. Some antiques will feature more intricate paintwork, which may have chipped or worn off over time. This does not detract from the beauty of the furniture, but rather gives it an air of historic, pre-loved chic. Copper is also a common accent feature in antique Mexican furniture, with tabletops and sinks that gleam with bright burnished metal, or aged oxidized green.

Some Considerations

Depending on the condition of the furniture, the age of the piece, and the original quality, prices may range from as little as a few hundred dollars, right through to tens of thousands. Antiques can be purchased in antique stores or over the Internet, however, most dealers will negotiate prices, rather than have a fixed price.  It is a good idea to set a budget before looking for antique pieces.

Most antique Mexican furniture is made of wood, and so may be prone to warping and cracking, particularly if it is made from softer woods like pine. Check for ay warps or cracks before purchase, and keep it in an area that does not undergo extreme temperature changes, such as outdoors. Antiques can also be very heavy to transport or ship.

Keep in mind that new Mexican furniture can be made to look antique by processes which distress or stain the wood to give an older, weathered effect. This gives the same historic feel, without compromising on functionality. Most new Mexican furniture already takes advantage of the natural timeless appeal of wood grain, without the erratic price tag.

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