Spanish Party Songs & Crossover Singers

Looking for popular Spanish party songs? Want to know about all the famous Spanish crossover singers? Our guide gives you the information you want.

When Spanish people throw a party, like people all around the world they love to sing, sometimes traditional Spanish songs, although these days, younger people also love popular modern music in both English and Spanish. Many world renowned Spanish-language singers are incredibly popular with Spanish people of all ages.  Perhaps the first modern popular Spanish singer to break out of his own country was Julio Iglesias, who was a huge success in his native Spain, before moving on to other Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America. From there, he took his blend of love songs, ballads and modern versions of traditional Spanish party songs to the Spanish speaking regions of the USA. Particularly in Florida and California from this base, he moved on to start singing in English language in the USA and Europe.

 Spanish Party Songs

Although not as popular these days in English-speaking countries, he remains an icon, in Spain, where his songs are ever popular, especially at parties and fiestas and of course at the ever present karaoke. To some extent, he has passed on his crown to his son Enrique Iglesias, who also achieved worldwide success with songs such as Quizas, Bailamos and Para Qua la vida, in his native Spanish and English. Jennifer Lopez had a more or less mirror singing career, starting off in her native America singing in English, and then, after gaining much success in the charts, she moved on to Spanish  songs, where she did incredibly well with South Americans who love to party to the international stars hits reworked in Spanish. She first made her name for herself as an actress playing another popular American, Spanish speaking artist Selina, who died tragically when murdered at a young age.

 Latin Party Songs

Another Spanish-speaking singer who achieved international fame is Shakira, the sexy Colombian songstress who is possibly more famous for shaking her hips than her party songs, she also originally sang her songs in Spanish before moving on to make a great impression with the English language versions, her first English-language CD entitled Laundry Service, sold over 15 million copies. There are several other modern, popular Spanish party song artists including Marc Anthony and David Bisbal, who are both known for their Spanish and English melodic ballads and songs.

Ricky Martin struck it big as a child with Latin boy band Menudo, then again as an adult solo artist, he has sold over 50 million albums in his singing career, and remains incredibly popular throughout the Spanish-speaking world, where his songs are a standard at any party. These days, what is known as crossover Spanish-English artists are amongst the most popular in the world.

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