Italian Greyhound Training

Want to know the best training techniques for your Italian greyhound? Whether it’s sitting, rolling over, fetching or pooping in the right place, our guide gives you the facts & information you want..

Training your Italian Greyhound can be a long process but would pay you a lot in future. Your dog should know what it is supposed to do and what not to do. He should understand to follow the rules set by you. Dogs love the security of knowing what to do, and what not to do, or we can say that they love to follow the routine.

Trained dogs make for the best companions and would always respect you since you are the one who provides them with everything. A dog properly educated is a dog who uses his mind and can think and not a robot who does things mechanically. A “thinking” dog listens carefully. These rules – such as no sleeping on the bed, no jumping up, no feeding at the table, etc. – must be followed carefully by all members of the household, so that your new arrival doesn’t get any false messages.

Greyhound Training Techniques

Starting a regular training process early on in your greyhound’s life is much easier than you might think; it is simply a matter of being clear and positive in your actions, consistent, gentle and patient. The following tips will hopefully help you to reap the rewards of owning a happy and obedient dog:

1. Always reinforce good behavior with plenty of praise or a tasty treat
2. Try to ensure that you always use your dog’s name in a positive way.
3. A collar and lead are very important training tools and it is best to get your greyhound used to them as soon as possible
4. As soon as possible, get your dog used to noisy traffic, bicycles, people, other animals, etc.
5. Give your dog plenty of regular daily exercise and try to attend a reputable dog training class as often as possible.
6. Interact with your dog whilst out for a walk, by taking toys to throw and fetch. This helps to reinforce good behavior and encourages your dog to keep coming back to you when called.
7. When giving your Italian greyhound a command, make sure you only say the word once in a firm voice
8. Try to avoid leaving your puppy alone for long periods of time at first.
9. To speed up the house training process, be sure to praise your dog well whenever he/she goes to the toilet in the correct place – you will be surprised how quickly your puppy learns.

Training Milestones

With your continuous training in a couple of months you would notice the following changes with each month bringing a positive change and development in your dog. Many Italian greyhound owners report that after just a few months of training the following benefits are obtained:

• His daily routine is reinforced.
• Correction words to be said in a firm voice.
• Praise words to be used quite frequently.
• Crate training. To stay quietly in his crate at night when he goes to sleep – and during the day whenever the owner is not interacting with him.
• Housebreaking.
• Acceptance of being handled.
• Understanding of food related words. “Hungry,” “Supper”, “Breakfast”, “Biscuit”.
• Taking things from your hand gently instead of grabbing
• Listen to your commands
• Has to be quiet when asked
• To interact politely with strangers
• To look directly at you when you say his name.
• To wait inside the door or gate, even when it’s wide open.
• To look directly at your face when you need his full attention.
• To bring his ball or toy when you throw it.
• To do simple tricks
• To recognize names of family members

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