Cancun Weather Year Round

Looking for a year round Cancun weather forecast? Want a seasonal or current weather report on Cancun? Our guide gives you the information on Cancun weather conditions you’ll want to know.

Cancun Weather Forecasts

Cancun, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, is without a doubt the most popular tourist destination in all of Mexico. With its high rise hotel resorts, clubs, shopping and golden sandy beaches, Cancun is in many ways a vacation paradise. Cancun in also, however, prone to severe weather conditions and has fallen victim to several hurricanes over the years. Before setting off on your vacation to Cancun it’s a good idea to check out what the weather conditions are likely to be during your vacation.

Seasonal Weather Conditions in Cancun

The weather you experience while on vacation in Cancun will depend largely on what time of year you decide to take your vacation. For most of the year the weather in Cancun is excellent, providing a sunny and warm atmosphere accompanied by a soft cool breeze. There are, however, some seasonal considerations in which you are more prone to extreme weather conditions if you are going to Cancun.
Extreme Weather in Cancun
Cancun, being situated on the eastern coast of Mexico, just south of Florida, is right in the middle of the path of the many hurricanes and tropical storms that work their way north from the Caribbean Sea during hurricane season. This means during the months of October, November and sometimes even December it is possible for Cancun to experience severe weather conditions which obviously makes lounging on the beach impossible. The buildings in Cancun are all designed with specifications that allow them to withstand heavy weather conditions such as tropical storms and hurricanes, and as the authorities are well used to such threats the contingency procedures in place are good.

Rainy Weather in Cancun

Cancun, like much of the Yucatan Peninsula, can experience rain between the months of April and September. It tends to rain more closer to the sea than it does inland, although the rain shouldn’t put you off your vacation. The weather is still warm and receiving rain can be a welcoming way to cool down on the beach for a couple of hours.

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