Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico? Want a comparison of prices for popular cosmetic procedures in the US and Mexico? Do you know the risks associated with cosmetic surgery in Mexico? Our guide gives you the info you need.

Mexico is famous for its diverse scenic beauty, spicy delicious food and a rich culture, but now it is getting famous and earning a lot through…Medical Tourism. More and more people are going to Mexico for cosmetic surgery for one solid reason. It is reasonable as compared to the prices in the USA.

To own a perfect body is everyone’s dream and people all over the world would gladly pay whatever they can to achieve it. Here is what the Mexican doctors are offering to achieve this goal.

Procedures Available in Mexico

Breast Enlargement—(Augmentation Mammaplasty), Breast Lift—(mastopexy), Breast Reduction, Brow Lift, Chemical peel, Eyelid surgery—blepharoplasty, Face lift, Facial implants, Hair replacement surgery, Nose—(rhinoplasty), Liposuction –suction assisted lipectomy, Tummy tuck—abdominoplasty, Lipo sculpture, Arm lift, Buttocks, Vaginoplasty, After weight loss surgery,  Face lift, Facial filler, Botox and plastic surgery for men.

Mexico vs USA

Plastic surgery in Mexico is a whole lot cheaper than cosmetic surgery in the United States. Here are a few examples to show the comparison between the prices.

1. A face lift costs between $5,000 and $6,000 in the United States while in Mexico, a face lift costs between $2,000 and $2,500.
2. A tummy tuck can cost about $3,000 in Mexico, but it is more likely to pay double that amount or even more in the United States.
3. The cost of a breast reduction is around $9,000 in the U.S., whereas it is only about $2,500 in Mexico.

So, no matter what type of cosmetic surgery procedure you are interested in having performed, you would probably be more likely to find cheaper prices in Mexico. The huge difference in prices is making other possibilities open up. Doctors are recommending planning your vacations around your surgeries. It is quite a good idea as you not only can relax and recover from surgery well, you also enjoy sunbathing and other recreational activities in this popular tourist country. This medical tourism, as the term has evolved, is beneficial to the doctors as well as the government. So, for the price of surgery you pay in the USA, you not only have the surgery performed, but your family gets a vacation as well. It is definitely more appealing.

Risks of Cosmetic Surgery Mexico

However, there is another aspect, too. Just about anything can go wrong during a plastic surgery in the United States, but it is even more common for something to go wrong in Mexico. There are many causes, the main one being that there have been cases when doctors from USA started practicing in Mexico when their licenses had been revoked in the USA. Another is the lack of exceptional post operative care. Whatever the reason, many patients have ended up with permanent scarring, infections that do not seem to go away long after the plastic surgery has been performed, deformed looking skin or even death. This can all be avoided by choosing your doctor carefully and specially making sure that he is a certified one. Also, staying for a few days after the surgery helps to take care of any complications if there is a need.

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