Swiss Army USB

Interested in buying a Swiss Army Knife with a USB flash drive? Do you know about the different varieties of Swiss army USB drives? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

You never know when you may need to cut something, or screw it or tweeze it, but it is unlikely you will be carrying all these items in your pocket just for the fear of an unpredictable situation that may put you in need of these tools. Some genius individuals have long understood this problem and put there heads together to produce a single super tool that lets you do all these things and even more. This super tool is no other than the Swiss army knife that is credited with being one real handy tool to keep.

Swiss Army USB Knife

The real emphasis of this tool is in the fact that it is very handy. You can flip open all those tools that you could need such as a screwdriver, scissors, a nail file, corkscrew and much more. This deadly combination of useful tools in great designs has been much loved by a wide variety of people all around the world. The fact that it fits into your pocket and acts as your key chain makes it an even more easy to keep this piece of mechanical machinery.

Swiss Army Flash Drive

With the advancement in science and technology some changes have taken place in our everyday needs. Since most of our work is now related to computers we are constantly required to carry a USB drive to facilitate us in our work. The Swiss army knives manufacturers decided to capitalize on this situation and engineered an all new Swiss army knife that has a USB attached to it. This device incorporates a USB flash drive into its main structure just like all the other tools. With this enhancement in the design Swiss army knives have become even more practical. And we all used to think Swiss army knives couldn’t get any more practical.

Swiss Army USB Drive Memory Size

The revolutionized design comes with a USB flash drive that can easily be detached when and where the need be. This way you are not restricted to carrying the Knife with you which means you can travel through airport security with your USB. Further more the storage capacity of the USB drive varies from each model. They have managed to create Swiss army knives with USB storage from 128MB to 2GB hard capacity. This also gives you the freedom to choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

The USB device on the Swiss army knife comes with preloaded software which means you can directly attach it onto your Mac or PC without having to run an install program CD. The device also has a secure lock system that allows you to restrict access to certain files on your flash drive. When getting started you will be prompted with a password setup and a reminder question like that on hotmail in case you forget your password. From there on you have the option to either secure the whole flash drive or choose specific files and folders to secure. This great enhancement comes in the same good old sturdy form that is known for its good materials and high quality.

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