Costa Maya Property Developments

Interested in buying property in Costa Maya? Want to know about the latest property developments going up in Costa Maya? Here we’ve given you all the facts & information you’ll want to know.

The Costa Maya is one of the hottest talking points for people in the world of property development at the moment. Both in Mexico and the US property developers are looking to in on a piece of the action in what is geared to be the next big property boom.
Part of the reason for all the confidence in property developments in the Costa Maya has to do with recent government plans to invest heavily in the infrastructure of the area. The government of Mexico have made it clear that they intend to modernize the Costa Maya bringing full electricity, water and sewage networks to the area which will in turn raise property values and make the Costa Maya the new tourism center in Mexico.

Community Property Developments in Costa Maya

Along the stretch of the Costa Maya, particularly towards the southern end near the port town of Majahual, several high end private property developments are going up that are designed to provide community living much like can be seen across California today. These property developments are proving particularly popular with foreign buyers as dealing with the large property development companies is often more reassuring for people spending their money in a foreign country.

Hotel Property Developments in Costa Maya

The Costa Maya, which is still relatively underdeveloped, is beginning to see the development of more large hotels that one would expect fro ma tourist center. However, unlike other areas in Mexico that have become too touristy, the government have implemented strict guidelines to prevent the Costa Maya loosing its natural charm through overbuilding. This is good news for people thinking about buying private residential property here as they need not worry about the Costa Maya turning into a second Cancun.

Commercial Property Development in Costa Maya

With the increase in tourists, many of whom are coming ashore from large cruise ships, it makes economic sense to invest in commercial property on the Costa Maya. Current commercial property developments are springing up in designated zones in the south of the Costa Maya near the disembarkation points for the cruise ship tourists. There is currently a huge shopping mall going up complete with Movie Theater and other attractions.

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