Guaymas Sonora Mexico

Going on vacation to Guaymas in Sonora Mexico? Want information on hotels, restaurants and sightseeing in Guaymas? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

One of the most important port cities in Sonora, Mexico is the port called Guaymas.  Guaymas, Sonora Mexico was first established as a Jesuit missionary in the year 1703. In modern times, the port has served as a major producer of oysters and shrimp.

There are several ways in which to travel to the Guaymas region of Sonora Mexico.  The nearest airport is Guaymas International Airport, which is located about 12 miles from the resort town of San Carlos.  There are two bus lines traveling to Guaymas.  The TBC bus line runs from Phoenix, Arizona to Guaymas.  Tufesa bus lines offer cheap fares from Nogales to Guaymas.  Those wishing to drive through the Sonora Mexico region can do so using Highway 15.

Guaymas Hotels

Guaymas is a large port city offering many hotels.  The Motel Flamingo, is a small no frills hotel offering clean rooms at a moderate price. The Playa de Cortez offers the best in luxury. This hotel offers babysitting services, an on call doctor, concierge, dining, swimming, and a spa.  The Armida Hotel is conveniently located just blocks from the beaches and tourists attractions. This hotel offers handicap access.

Guaymas Restaurants

Dining in Guaymas, Sonora Mexico is a seafood lover’s delight.  There are many fine restaurants offering a variety of traditional Mexican dishes as well as fresh, locally caught oysters and shrimp.  Los Barcos offers local seafood at a reasonable price. The atmosphere at Los Barcos is casual.  The Hotel Playa de Cortez offers an excellent restaurant featuring excellent dishes and large portions. The atmosphere at The Hotel Playa de Cortez is business casual. Evie’s Expresso offers gourmet coffees and hot and cold breakfast items.

Guaymas Sightseeing Activities

This port city offers a variety of activities including boating, fishing, sun tanning, and scuba diving.  Miramar and San Carlos are the most popular beaches for locals and tourists, alike.  Guaymas offers sightseers an opportunity to look at fine French and baroque architecture.  There are many missionaries to be visited by the devout. But the most popular attractions are those offered by the sea; snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and boating.

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