Hand Carved Mexican furniture

Are you looking to refurnish your home with exclusive one-off showpieces? Hand carved Mexican furniture is a unique range that mixes irreplaceable handcrafted detail with robust Mexican construction. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Hand carved Mexican furniture has a truly unique look that cannot be matched by machine-manufactured styles. Often, the hand carving is inherent in every component of the furniture, proving beyond a doubt the time and detailed craftsmanship that is committed to producing such beautiful furnishings. The rustic, worn appeal of Mexican style furniture in general contrasts attractively with carving details. Carvings can range from large, sweeping curves on bench-backs to intricate artwork on table legs. The range that is available is simply vast, and can include, but is not limited to:

• Bed frames and headboards
• Large dining table and chair sets
• Sideboards
• Dressing tables
• Cupboards
• Mirror frames
• Storage chests
• Long benches
• Feature throne chairs
• Doors
• Wardrobes
• Cabinets

The Beauty of Wood

Wood is such an organic and attractive medium for the home, particularly when it has a bare, wax finish like Mexican furniture. The wood grain is clearly visible, and the natural tones of the wood lend a warm and homely atmosphere to any room. The fact that it can be hand carved is an exuberant bonus that adds even more rustic charm to the furnishing itself, and ensures that the furniture is truly an artistic centrepiece in the home. Some furnishings have ornate carvings such as flowers and peppers in their panels to truly bring out the rustic aesthetic of authentic Mexican form.


Despite the exclusivity and absolute irreplaceability of hand carved Mexican furniture, it is possible to get it at a reasonably affordable price. Pine furniture often has carvings titivating the edges, and is relatively inexpensive to purchase. Often, hand carved pine pieces will be treated with agents that distress the wood slightly, giving it a more antique look, or may have a light patina finish for a transparent wash of color that still allows the wood grain to be seen. The soft nature of pine also makes it a great medium for carvings, and even the economical, standard flat packed models can feature hand carved edgings and detail. Harder woods, such as alder and mesquite tend to be rather pricey, due to the relative unavailability of such woods, and the sheer craftsmanship and time needed to create effortless looking carvings in such dense wood. This is also true of genuine antique pieces, which are often featured in hardwoods. There are also an endless range of hand carved Mexican accessories such as wall hangings and figurines that match effortlessly with hand carved furniture.

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