Hermosillo Sonora Mexico

Going on vacation to Hermosillo Mexico? Want to visit the Ford plant and do some sightseeing? Need information on hotels & restaurants in Hermosillo? Our guide to Hermosillo Sonora Mexico gives you the facts you want to know.

Traveling to Hermosillo is convenient.  Travelers can drive an auto along one of the many highways. Visitors can also fly into Sonora, Mexico via the Hermosillo Airport (La Manga International Airport, HMO).  This modern airport offers many daily flights in and out of the area

Ford Hermosillo

The city of Hermosillo was founded in the early 1700’s on land that had previously been occupied by Native Americans. It is the capitol city of the Senora state of Mexico. As such, it is centrally located close to Mexico City and Phoenix, Arizona.   It is accessible via most national highways.  Many American companies have business locations in the region.  Ford Motors is one of the biggest employers and many Ford autos are built in Hermosillo including the Ford Fusion and Ford Escort.

Hermosillo Tourist Attractions

Visitors to Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico should take in some of the many excellent attractions located in the area.  The region is known for its’ wonderful, historical architecture such as the Baluc Church, Palacio de Gobierno and the Cathedral of La Asucion.  The area also offers several amazing parks and animal conservation sites. One superb site which is a must-see is the Cajon del Diablo Special Biosphere Reserve.

Hermosillo Hotels

Because it is a capitol city, Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico has many hotels to offer visitors.  Hotel rates are comparable to hotel rates in the United States, but some do not have the same amenities as those in the U.S.  Travelers with heart conditions or handicaps should check ahead to make sure that their hotel has elevators and handicapped parking, ramps, etc. The Hotel Colonial has received good reviews for room quality, cleanliness, and service. However, this hotel does not have elevators.  The Hotel Colonial is located at Cvado del Rio 9, Villa De Seris, Hermosillo 83280 Mexico.   Perhaps the best hotel in Hermosillo is the Araiza Inn Hotel. The Araiza Inn has received the highest ratings for comfort, cleanliness and service. This hotel is good for older adults and families. The hotel features a pool and an on site restaurant which is opened until 11:00 pm. Araiza Inn Hotel is located at Blvd Eusebio Kino, No 353, Hermosillo 83010 , Mexico.

Food in Hermosillo

Cuisine in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico is flavorful and filling. Popular local favorites include Coyotas (or sweet bread), raw sugar candy called melcochas, and taco de Gabezo (tacos made with the heads of cows).  Two of the best restaurants are Mariachisimo and Xochimilco.

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