Russian Clothing Styles

Russian clothing styles are diverse, owing to the vast size of the nation, though the color tones and materials tend to preserve the vivid traditional heritage of Russia. Read our guide for more facts and information on clothes styles from Russia…

Russian clothes range from home-made canvas and woolen clothes of traditional origin to the contemporary Moscow fashion, which is in tandem with Europe and New York. Winter clothing in Russia is designed with an amazing functionality as the country faces extremely harsh winters.

Traditional Russian clothing styles

Traditional costumes of Russia depict folk art and are reminiscent of the country’s bright culture. In spite of wide territorial differences and several social styles, the past clothing styles of Russians had several things in common. They were very convenient to wear, allowing a flexible movement, and they had to be worn from the head as a cape. Peasant costumes consisted of decorative embroidery and woven patterns, adorned on woolen clothes and canvas materials that were home-made.

Red played a dominant role, such that in Russian language the word ‘krasny’, which means ‘beautiful’, is derived from the Russian word for red. Comfortable clothes worn by Russian women in the past include patterned headdresses (Kokoshnik), linen shirts (Rubashka), brocade and silk embroidered dresses (Sarafan), Orenburg goat down and Pavlovo Posad woolen shawls.

The present trend in Russian clothes

Even today, Russian clothing comprises insulating fabrics to combat the cold weather. Hence wool, fur and leather are prevalent, with head coverings like hoods, capes and hats, and long sleeves. The tall papakha hats of the 19th century, made of wool or fur, are still worn by Russian men, especially in formal events and they even form a part of their army uniform.
Though Russian clothing style has a long way to go to compete with the West, the style has always retained elaborate details and lively colors. Russians use deeper shades, which mostly represent their occupation. Men prefer sober tones, depicting a clam posture, while a combination of black and white is considered a graceful tone.

Russian clothing with regard to its geographical diversity

In the past northern areas of Russia used modest decorations in clothing styles, compared to the southern region where people wore brighter and colorful clothing and ornaments. Over the years, Moscow has shown a speedy progress in its clothing style and trend in tandem with the West, compared to the rest of Russia. The Siberian region however still holds on to the past style. Regardless the trend and style, leather is an invariable part of Russian clothing. Besides, wool, fur and linen have always formed a part of the country’s authentic apparel.
Over the years, there has been a mix of rural and urban styles across the wide territory, though emphasis has always been laid on warm and rich fabrics with vivid colors. Women wear long skirts and blouses with attractive high heels, with accents of leather and fur for imparting warmth.

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