Meoqui Chihuahua Mexico

Going on vacation to Meoqui in Chihuahua State Mexico? Looking for travel information on the geography, festivals & economy of Meoqui? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Meoqui is one of the 67 municipalities of the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. The city of Meoqui is located at the heart of Chihuahua. It is around 72 kms. Southeast of Chihuahua City which is the capital of Chihuahua and about 7 kilometers North of Delicias. Meoqui is a small thriving city, which has an area of only 370 sq. kms. In fact, it is the second smallest municipality in Chihuahua. The municipality was founded in 1709 along the margins of the San Pedro River. It is officially named as “Pedro Meoqui” in honor of the brave General Pedro Meoqui Mañon, who was killed in 1865 while battling the French during war. Meoqui has a semi-arid climate, which has an average of temperature of 21º C. The temperature may rise to 41º C and may fall to a low of 16º C.

Meoqui Chihuahua Festivals

People in Meoqui are by history “traditional” and “hospital” – two words found in the Municipality’s seal. They are generally Roman Catholics who happen to be fond of celebrations and feasts. The most special event held annually happens every 29th of June which is the supervisory celebrations of San Pablo and San Pedro. The feast is usually celebrated with games and food for two consecutive weeks. Another religious feast celebrated is for the Virgin of Guadalupe held every 12th of December.

Meoqui Chihuahua Economy

The main source of livelihood in Meoqui is agriculture. It has had good production output for vegetables, fruit trees and crops over the past few years. Some of its other products are cereals, cottons and beans. Raising cattle is also one of the thriving industries in Meoqui. Among the cattle being raised are pigs, goats and poultry. Other thriving trades in Meoqui are mining, commerce and tourism. The municipality may also be rich with silver for mining. It also produces a considerable bulk of raw materials for the production of end-products. Meoqui can also possibly be one of the best tourist havens of the state of Chihuahua. Other than the old Spanish churches, the best attraction the city has to offer is the ford to the coast of San Pedro River. Lining the banks of the river are restaurants serving different authentic Mexican dishes and some delicacies native to Meoqui only. The delight every tourist gets from eating Mexican dishes is doubled because of the beautiful scenery of the San Pedro River.

Other activities in the San Pedro River are cruising as some boat owners offer to sail the river to tourists for a fee. There are also craft centers in the area, which may also be visited. As of now, local tourists have already swarmed the riverside of the city and it is also getting more and more popular among foreign tourists.

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