Italian Greyhound Jammies

You’ve seen dog clothes and even dog Halloween costumes, but what about dog pajamas? Read our guide on why you should put your pet to bed in Italian Greyhound jammies…

Dog pajamas protect from the cold. Dogs already have a fur coat, right? But even dogs can get cold in Fall and Winter weather. This is especially true of small dogs like the Italian Greyhound. Their little bodies can’t produce that much body heat to begin with during the day, let alone the night. When temperatures start to fall after dark, you can bet your dog will start to feel it. A good rule of thumb is that if you start to feel cold, your Italian Greyhound is freezing. Putting on their jammies in the evening will help keep them warm and happy.

Dog pajamas protect from scratching and “picking”. Have you ever seen those big cones the vet puts on animals who have had an injury? They’re meant to keep the dog from picking at their wounds and further irritating them. But the same effect can almost always be achieved with dog clothing. If your dog has a rash or a bite that they won’t stop scratching, or a cut that they won’t stop licking, put a shirt on them in the day and jammies at night. You’ll be giving them one more layer of protection between their teeth or claws and the problem area. They won’t be able to get at the area and won’t be able to make it any worse.

Dog pajamas protect from shedding. A lot of people allow their pets to jump up on the furniture and to sleep with them in bed. Dogs love this. They’re pack animals and want to pile up with you wherever you want. The downside to this is that they get their hair on your furniture, blankets, and sheets. Now even though Italian Greyhounds don’t shed as much as other dogs, they do still shed and you can further reduce the amount of pet fur on your furniture by dressing them in shirts and jammies. Most of the shed hair is caught in the fabric of the material and when you wash it, it’s gone, rather than clinging to your furniture.

Italian Greyhound Pajamas are Fun!

I know a lot of people don’t think so, but it really is a lot of fun dressing up your dog. And with so many styles and materials to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find a pair of jammies that you think are just adorable. Fleece and flannel jammies are among the most popular, but if you know how to do some basic sewing, you can even make your own Italian Greyhound jammies out of whatever material and pattern you want.

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