Mexican Aztec Tattoos

Looking for cool Mexican Aztec tattoo ideas? Want to show off your Mexican heritage with an awesome Aztec tattoo design? Our guide to Aztec tattoos explains the most common tattoo designs and what they mean.

Mexico is a country steeped in ancient traditions and is home to many ancient civilizations, amongst whom are the Aztecs. The Aztecs were the dominant racial group who inhabited the lands of central Mexico from the 14th to the 16th centuries before the Spanish colonizers arrived. Although it’s hard to say that whether modern day Mexicans are purely Aztec or not is impossible as there has been a great deal of intermarriage between races over the centuries, but without doubt there’s probably some Aztec blood in most Mexicans which is a cause for pride.

Mexican Aztec Symbol Tattoos

While not a particularly advanced civilization technologically, the Aztecs were highly developed in other areas which enabled them to create their own calendar that corresponded to their own historical, mythological and religious beliefs. According to their calendar, each month is represented by a different creature, which is itself the harbinger of several mythical and spiritual properties.

Aztec Quauhtli Eagle Tattoo Design

The Cuauhtli or Quahtli eagle is an important part of the Aztec civilization and makes for a popular tattoo for Mexicans wishing to display their Aztec heritage. The precise design and graphics of the eagle changed over time and according to region, whici s actually good if you are considering this as a tattoo as it gives you the freedom to design it just how you want it. However, in general, this eagle usually has it’s face pointing towards the west, with its beak open, and several feathers sticking out from the top of it’s head.

Aztec Crocodile Tattoo

While strictly speaking not a crocodile in the traditional sense, the Aztec Ehecatl is in fact a mythical monster like creature based loosely on the anatomy of the crocodile. Again, a fair degree of variance exists depending on what sources you consult, but the fearsome nature of this creature makes it a popular design for tattoos.

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