Native American Woman Art Work

Want to learn more about Native American Woman at art work? Interested in knowing the role of women in Native American art? Read on to find out…

Native American women were naturally considered to be responsible for their family’s appearance. This was something they took great pride in. They were skilled craftswomen and took great pleasure in making sure their home, men and children have the finest appearance which was taken as a status symbol amongst the Natives.

All the time the women got from their daily routine work was spent in creating works of art. Women would be particularly engrossed in decorating clothing and other various accoutrements. They would also fashion various ornaments and embellish clothing with various elements such as bright paints, pieces of bone, quills, feathers, shells, claws and of course the much admired Native American beadwork.

A woman’s domestic skills were greatly admired by Native American men. While the men were responsible for the maintenance and protection of their women in particular and the community in general, the women took responsibility of domestic accomplishments.

Native American Women’s Artist Society

In some tribes women actually had special artist societies where they would meet and get together to work on their arts and crafts. This was a place where techniques and ideas were exchanged. Periodic competitions would also be organized by the artist society and for the women winning this contest it was much the same as a man performing remarkable war deeds.

Native American Women Pottery

Amongst the many different forms of art women have been foremost active in creating works of pottery. The history of Native American women’s pottery goes back to over two thousand years. The unique art form has maintained with the passage of time and even today we find many contemporary Native American women working to preserve the art form.

The Native American pottery that you will be able to find today takes inspiration from ancient concepts. The artists have retained the techniques and traditions of their ancestors. The clay used for modern Native American pottery is actually excavated and it is also fired using the old techniques rather than the modern methods. This has not only led to the preservation of the art form, rather it has preserved the overall culture as well.

Clay work has always been considered as the ideal medium of expression for Native American women. Pottery was also a crucial element of tribal rituals and ceremonies prevailing in the community. The way in which these pots were handled also had spiritual and emotional significance.

Native American women were also involved in making their own regalia as well as that of their husbands. This was another art form which was solely practiced by the Native American women. Another sacred art form which the women were regarded as being experts at was basketry.

Basketry was considered to be one of the most sacred art forms amongst the Natives. Basket weaving techniques and designs were handed down generations and kept as best kept secrets amongst the women. These baskets were used in prayer ceremonies and other events.

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