Mexican Celebrations

Going on vacation to Mexico? Will your trip coincide with a major Mexican celebration? Whether it’s Christmas, New Years, Easter, Somebody special’s birthday or you just want to know about the food, our guide gives you the information.

Mexico is a country that represents vitality and enthusiasm. It has a culture of mixed influences representing their rich history. The Mexicans are fun loving party going people. They simply love to sing and dance. A large number of festivals celebrated by the Mexicans show just how they love to enjoy life. Most of their festivals are related to religion, but they only need an occasion to celebrate.

Christmas Celebrations in Mexico:

Mexicans have a reputation for celebrating Christmas and New Year in style. There are celebrations from mid December till the beginning of January and all of these are collectively known as the Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon. These celebrations include the following:

Dia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe: It is considered to be the most important religious holiday. It is celebrated to honor the virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. The celebrations start from 3rd December, but the Guadalupe Day is celebrated on 12th December.

Las Posadas: These are nine charming Children’s processions from 16th till 24th of December, indicating nine months of Mary’s pregnancy. Every day, the children take out processions to symbolize the pilgrimages of Joseph and Mary.

Noche Buena: It is called the Holy night and celebrated on the 24th of December. All night long, they dance and sing folk songs. Fireworks are let off at midnight and greetings of Merry Christmas are exchanged. The party is on till dawn.

Navidad: Christmas is celebrated quietly as the families rest after the tiring night celebrations.

Año Nuevo: (New Years Day) is celebrated on December 31 to January 1.

Fiestas: Mexicans celebrate Independence Day on 15th and 16th of September. During these days colorful festivals are held. Large parades, fireworks, dance competitions, beauty pageant contest, football, boxing, cockfighting, amateur bullfighting and parties are some of the entertainment items.

Dia de Los Muertos: It is called the Day of the Dead and is celebrated from 31st October till 2nd November. It is celebrated to pray for the friends and relatives who have died.  It is celebrated by building private altars honoring the dead and making sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed.

Some other festivals include Carnival (in February 3 to February 8), Semana Santa (Easter), Cinco de Mayo celebrated on 5th of May and many more.

Mexican Birthday Celebrations

Mexicans celebrate birthdays by arranging family get togethers and parties with music, dancing and food, but the 15th birthday of a girl is celebrated with great pomp and show. It is known as Quinceañera or Quince años. Often grand parents contribute for the party. At first the family gathers in church, offers prayers and then a party follows. This is celebrated to show that a girl is becoming a woman.

Celebration Food

In Mexico, food is not only eaten but is celebrated as well. It is actually a style comprising of various delicious flavors, exotic colors, wonderful aroma, decorations and herbs and spices. Food is the backbone of Mexican culture. No party is complete with large servings of a variety of hot and spicy dishes with exotic smells. Corns, cheese, tomatoes, meat, colorful vegetables and many kinds of bread are used extensively.



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