Mini Mokes in Australia

Want to buy Mini Mokes in Australia? Read our guide for facts and info that will help you in buying the right kind of Mini Moke in Australia…

The Mini Moke is a unique ride that is quite popular in Australia. This vehicle was developed by the British car manufacturing giant BMC. Unlike any other vehicle it is an incredibly lightweight mini jeep that is regarded as being light enough to be dropped from a parachute. It was the ideal alternative to heavier jeeps like the Land Rover.
If you were to look for a Moke in today’s market you would struggle to find one without rust. Nonetheless you should try to find one with minimal rust. The good thing about the vehicle is the fact that it is easy to repair even in the hands of barely skilled mechanics. Some of the things that you should check include the floor pans and the rear suspension. Also take a close look at the mounting points and the windscreen surround. Check to see if the battery carrier has been neglected. If so it will show signs of rot. In any case you might be able to find replacement bodies for the Mini Mokes, but that may cost you up to $4000.

The Mini Moke is regarded as having a very reliable and durable engine. However it is extremely important to pay due diligence to its maintenance in order to keep it functioning at its level best. If you are looking for an engine that will last you a long time, then you should opt for the 998 cc engine. However if performance is your priority then the 1.275 lt units fares better. Genuine engine numbers start with a 12g or 12YG when it comes to Mini Mokes. In general these engines have plastic fans that are prone to breaking. However you should not replace them with a steel fan as that has the potential to damage the radiator core. In order to enhance the cooling capability of the engine you should embed a larger Californian radiator in your Mini Moke.

There are a few common problems that frequently occur with the transmission of the Mini Moke. One of the biggest problems is noise followed by a worn synchromesh. These factors are amplified primarily because of the structure of the vehicle. If your Moke displays difficulty in gear selection or gives off a severe whine then you might need to spend some money on repairs. You will be able to find a fine transmission replacement for about $900. Similarly, replacements for drive shafts can also be purchased.
The chassis and suspension of the Mini Moke is among its strongest assets. These are generally extremely reliable and you need not worry much about them. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the mounting points for the suspension are free from any cracks. Similarly you will need to check up on the break drums and have them replaced or repaired if they are misshapen or cracked.

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