Mexican Kitchen Decor

Mexican kitchen decor is a relatively inexpensive way to transform your kitchen into a warm and inviting hub for creating meals for friends and family. Read our guide for more facts & information…

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the Mexican style of kitchen décor truly reflects the warmth and style that should rightly exude from such an important living space. If you are planning on styling your kitchen with Mexican design in mind, then here are some top tips to consider before you start.

Mexican Kitchen Color Scheme

The rustic look of Mexican décor has a very earthy palette that includes red, orange, yellow and olive, with medium or teal blues as contrasting accents. The earthy colors hark back to desert themes, and also reflect the strong clay and ceramic culture that exists in Mexico today. The colors also acknowledge the Mexican flag and the proud heritage it represents.

Kitchen Furniture

Mexican kitchen décor would not be complete without some choice Mexican furniture to adorn your kitchen space. Pine Mexican furniture is very affordable, and is very easy to order online in flat packs for self-assembly. Mesquite and Alder wood tend to be more expensive, but have a beautifully rich color tone and are generally more durable due to the density of the wood. All Mexican wood furniture comes complete with wrought iron fittings such as hinges, handles and corners, which give the furnishings a very rustic look. Mexican wood furniture also tends to be hand-carved for beautiful feature parts, including dining table legs, cabinet doors and edgings.


Along with bathrooms, kitchens are the perfect place for tiles and ceramic accents. Mexico is famous for its hand painted tile selection, and a few tile accents will lift the vibrancy of the room instantly. Splash backs, bench tops and feature walls are all great places for Mexican tiles. Ceramics are not limited to tiles, however. They can also be used as wall hangings, ornaments, herb planters, trivets and platters. Mexican tiles and ceramics are also easily purchased online or at ceramics stores, and are reasonably inexpensive given their hand painted nature.

Mexican Tableware

For the finishing touch, Mexican tableware is a must. Platters, jugs and mugs made in traditional Mexican workshops by hand look stunning against the matte rustic finish of tabletops and surfaces. Vases are also a popular favorite, and are not limited to the thick glazed finish of the popular Talavera range of ceramics, or the ceramics from Tonalá and Tlaquepaque. Burnished and polished finishes common to Mata Ortiz or Barro Negro style ceramics are works of art in themselves, and are perfect for showcasing dry flowers or fake flowers. Genuine and authentic Mexican ceramics and pottery are available direct from the workshops themselves, and are also purchasable online and at select retailers.

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