French Door Knobs

French door knobs are the most important hardware components that not only adorn the doors but also enhance their functionality, ensuring safety for the home. Read our guide for more facts and information…

French doors are widely admired for their matchless architectural accents that impart a traditional elegance to any home. Nevertheless, many people are still unaware of the endless hardware components that can make the door unit highly functional and attractive. The following paragraphs discuss about the styles, types and functions of door knobs suited for French doors.

Choosing Door Knobs

Door knobs come in an assortment of styles to suit the color and design of French doors. Knobs for entry doors are usually equipped with a lock system and are stronger and more elaborate.  They are usually made of bronze, silver, stainless steel, wrought iron, aluminum and brushed nickel. Antique brass is also popular in traditional homes. Glass door knobs are making a re-entry because they impart the popular Victorian look to the home.  Oil rubbed bronze knobs are popular in the current trend because of their attractiveness and durability. Artistic knobs come in several shapes, such as round, octagonal, square and other variations, including lever models. Most doors come with a standard hole punched according to industry standards for knob installation, making it easier to replace older knobs.

Door Knob Components

It is a common notion that French doors are relatively less safe because of the amount of glass included in the design. However, security features of door knobs have been enhanced, thanks to the latest locking mechanisms. The knob has a spring and a latching unit, such that a spindle is set to a clockwise motion when the knob is turned clockwise. This motion causes the dead latch to revert for opening the door or get locked into the strike plate for closing the door. In simple knobs, the outer part can be forced off and the spindle can be turned with some instrument, making it vulnerable to burglars. But, advanced models have a solid unit where the knob and spindle are of the same piece, allowing for more safety.

French Door Knockers

Knockers give an excellent look to exterior French doors, in addition to their utility. They come in a variety of materials and designs including Victorian designs. Brass is the most common metal, as it can be easily cast into a myriad of shapes and can be polished to create a gold-like finish. Door knockers with a separate bronze resting plate give a classy appearance to the door. The right design complements the door knob and the overall look of the door.

The right door knob can instantly change the look of the home by rendering a glistening look. Besides, it must be comfortable to operate and provide a good locking mechanism when it comes to exterior doors.

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