Mexican Leather Furniture

Are you looking to refurnish your home in a uniquely Mexican style? Mexican leather furniture offers an exquisite texture and distinctive Mexican look that can transform any living space into a rustic haven. Read our guide for more facts & informatio

Mexican leather furniture, traditionally known as equipale, has a very distinct look that is hard to miss. The upholstery is customarily made of pigskin, but can also be made of cowhide, and sometimes even synthetic substitutes. The rich burnt sienna color of the leather upholstery can also be dyed a variety of shades, including the teals and turquoises favored by the Mexican tradition. For an even more unique look, the upholstery can also be hand painted with designs that hark back to long-established Mexican lifestyles.

The leather upholstery on equipale furniture is usually secured by metal studs that are uniformly fixed at the edges. The leather itself is usually treated with a sealant to prevent excessive wear and tear. The frame is made from strips of cedar wood that are arranged in a criss-cross formation that is similar to cane wicker furniture. This makes the furniture quite light, whilst maintaining an authentic rustic appeal.

Equipale furniture is usually reserved for couches, armchairs and barrel stools, but can also include small coffee tables and other accents. Larger furnishings such as bars are also available, and most distributors can make equipale furniture to personal specifications.

Indoors and Outdoors

Equipale furniture looks fantastic indoors, with its ability to warm any lounge area straight away. It is also quite often a feature of undercover patio areas and courtyards. The leather and wood accents area perfect complement to the outdoor area, and instantly reminds guests of the decadence of indoors, without compromising on the relaxed outdoor ambience.


Equipale is almost always manufactured by hand, and for this reason there will always be slight differences in size and color. This may not be desirable for symmetrical layouts, however, it does give a rougher, rustic look, which is consistent with the Mexican style. As mentioned previously, equipale is also a favorite for outdoors, however, the leather and the wood strips need to be annually maintained to avoid excessive deterioration. As with any furniture that uses natural materials, it will not hold up with extreme or wet weather conditions.

Other types of leather

Equipale is not the only style of Mexican furniture to use leather. More lavish styles of wood furniture, particularly those using hardwoods such as mesquite, can often have leather accents such as leather tabletops, which make for a sumptuous texture that suits the dark tone of the wood very well. These furnishings tend to be quite expensive, owing to the size of the leather pieces and the quality of the wood used.

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