Mexico Car Liability Insurance

Looking for Mexico car liability insurance? Want to know what companies offer the best car liability insurance? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

If you plan on driving through Mexico then it is a must that you purchase car liability insurance from a company in Mexico. The vast majority of US car insurance policies do not cover driving in Mexico, and those that do are usually restricted to within 25 km of the US border, which means if you plan on driving to Mexico city or Cancun then you are going to need Mexican car liability insurance.

Car Liability in Mexico

Road conditions in Mexico vary from well maintained highways to a system of little more than dirt roads connecting small villages and towns. Driving in the cities of Mexico can be especially testing as traffic is a huge problem and driving standards are not the same as in the US. Many people who have driven in Mexico report seeing many minor accidents with cars in the rear bumping into the car in front of them.  Car theft is also a problem one has to be aware of while in Mexico and also something for which you need to have insurance to cover you.

Car Liability Insurance Policy Mexico

Like in the US there are differing levels of car insurance policies available. Some will cover you for every possible eventuality while others only insure you to pay for damages you cause to others. This type of insurance, known as civil liability insurance, is the absolute minimum insurance you most purchase for your car while driving through Mexico. If you do get into an accident and the police report finds you at fault, you will not be able to leave Mexico until the damage is paid for.

Car Rental Insurance Mexico

If you are renting a car in Mexico, the car liability insurance policy should automatically be included, although it’s always best to ask at the time of rental. Some companies only extend this service if you are paying with a credit card.

Liability Insurance for your own Car in Mexico

In order to purchase car liability insurance in Mexico for your own car that you’ve brought with you, you will need to provide a few documents to prove that the car really is yours. These documents include proof of car ownership, proof of registration, proof of Us citizenship as well as your US driver’s license.

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