Mexico Plastic Surgery

Looking for affordable plastic surgery in Mexico? Want to know the cost of a tummy tuck or other cosmetic surgery in Mexico? Our guide to plastic surgery in Mexico gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know

More and more people from the US are becoming interested in going to Mexico to have various plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures done to them. While many people still think of Mexico as too undeveloped to provide such sophisticated services, Mexico is in fact something of a regional center for the provision of plastic surgery with well trained doctors and modern equipment.

Why Plastic Surgery in Mexico

There are several reasons why people are looking to Mexico for having their plastic surgery. Firstly, the prices of a procedure in Mexico are less than in the US. This is true for all types of plastic surgery from face lifts to nose jobs to tummy tucks.

Secondly, the proximity to the US means it is easily accessible and much quicker than going to somewhere like Europe. Many people even drive to Mexico while a flight only takes a couple of hours.

Thirdly, Mexico is the ideal destination to combine a plastic surgery procedure with a vacation. Many people feel embarrassed to be seen with a bandage on their face while in post treatment recovery. So, by coming to Mexico they can have the procedure done, rest up for a couple of week while they heal, then return back home looking good.

Plastic Surgery Schools Mexico

The best plastic surgery school in Mexico is at the department of reconstructive surgery, which is part of the University of Guadalajara, in Guadalajara. This university has an excellent reputation and is believed to have the best medical school in Mexico. In fact, many American doctors come here to receive their training. The vast majority of doctors speak English, at least enough to communicate with you, as they attended English calluses while at college. Many Mexican doctors have even done internships and worked in American hospitals. In general, the level of professionalism of Mexican Doctors is excellent and many patients often remark on how Mexican doctors seem to take more of a personal interest in their patients and are willing to give more of their time.

Dangers of Plastic Surgery in Mexico

The one significant risk associated with plastic surgery in Mexico is the lack of malpractice insurance. This means if the doctor messes up the surgery you cannot sue them. Despite this, thousands of people go to Mexico every year to have plastic surgery done and come back with great results.

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