American Bald Eagle Knife Franklin Mint

Interested in the bald eagle knife from Franklin mint? Discover this unique work of art featuring the bald eagle…

Being the national bird and a prominent patriotic symbol of America the bald eagle has received much attention in all spheres of life. It has been used as a main theme for many works of art, clothing and sports equipment. One of the unique things centered on the bald eagle theme is the American bald eagle knife by Franklin Mint.

The American bald eagle knife by Franklin Mint is not an ordinary knife. Rather it is a special work of art that was initiated by the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation. It was an attempt to honor the highly revered symbol of the American bald eagle.

American bald eagle knife specialty

These knifes are hard to find and can be quite expensive to purchase. But for the real patriots and knife collectors there is no price that is high enough to pay for this impressive knife. The innate symbolism of this knife is not the only thing that is special about it. Rather the American bald eagle knife by Franklin Mint is a fine quality dagger made out of fine pewter. An exquisite collection of rich woods and tempered steel has also been used in the construction of this special themed knife.

Amongst the things that add exclusiveness to the American bald eagle knife is the fact that each knife is meticulously hand painted even in today’s age of machine production. A hint of golden accents can be seen giving the knife a spectacular feel.

The American bald eagle knife by Franklin Mint is not something you will be using to put butter on bread. Nor is it something that you will actually be using to hunt. Rather it is a knife that is solely for exhibition and display purposes. This is why it comes with a hardwood framed display that can be used to hold up the American bald eagle knife in your china hutch cabinet or other display area.

Although there are a number of different varieties of the American bald eagle knife, the standard version from Franklin mint measures approximately 14/4 inches long from the blade to the pommel. The display stand that you get with it measures 17 inches in height and 8 inches wide.

The art work on the knife truly captures the essence of the nobility and strength of the mighty bald eagle which happens to be the living embodiment of America’s ideals. Knife maker Ray Beers is credited as being the artist behind the development of this knife. The unique integrated design of the knife gives a feel of the bird ready to take off in flight.

The rich detailing and explicit textures of the knife make it a collector’s pride. The knife radiates with accents of 24 karat gold which is nicely complimented by the tempered steel blade. In its essence the American bald eagle knife from Franklin Mint is an excellent blend of form and function that has been crafted with great care and aesthetic sense.

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