Canadian Superior Energy

Want to learn more about Canadian Superior Energy Inc.? Read on for facts and info on this leading oil and gas exploration and production company of Canada…

Canadian Superior Energy Inc. is one of the leading oil and gas production and exploration companies in Western Canada and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. This oil and gas company has its subsidiary operations based in Nova Scotia and Trinidad and Tobago all on offshore sites, along with operations in Western Canada. The regional offices are scattered across Halifax, Nova Scotia, Alberta, and the Port-of-Spain along with The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Oil and natural gas are no longer experiencing highflying stocks and gain returns as they were in previous decades. However, they are still fossil fuels and available in limited quantities and it is always a good time to analyze investment opportunities in the energy sector. Canadian Superior Energy offers a lucrative opportunity for traders to look at the right time to invest in this company.

Canadian Superior Energy has more than 20,000 shareholders across the world and some of them include the top institutional shareholders from North America. It is interesting to note that Steelhead Partners which are an American hedge fund, own over 4 million shares and the Blackrock Corporation holds 1.5 million shares in Canadian Superior Energy. Even though these are substantial shares they have a very small impact on the portfolio value of those two companies.

The daily technicals and the stability of the fossil fuel rates in recent times have earned trader interest in the purchase and investment in the energy sector. For a novice it is important to check if the fundamentals of an organization they are interested in have changed over a period of time before jumping into the investment opportunity.

Expansion and Development by Canadian Superior Energy

As Canada’s largest oil and gas exploration, production and development company, Canadian Superior Energy operates in Latin America’s second-largest fossil fuel producer which is the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

This country is seeking to become a highly developed nation by the year 2020 and has thus allowed Canadian Superior Energy access to explore oil and gas off its coast and in return fund its modernization and development plan.

The company knows that the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has an extensive natural resource off its coast and is currently exporting to countries like the US. Canadian Superior Energy has two major oil wells named the Bounty and Victory located off the coast of this Republic, and is set to explore and extract thousands of tons oil and gas from these oil wells.

Drilling By Canadian Superior Energy in The Republic Of Trinidad And Tobago

The company has started wireline logging operations and approximately 200 feet of pay indicate that there is a hydrocarbon bearing. The company plans to fully penetrate each objective in the well and aim to drill to a total depth of 18,000 feet sub-sea. It has also moved forward and conducted flow tests on the Bounty well after completing the initial drilling of around 17,360 feet apart from the wireline logging. It is estimated that the Bounty well should be huge and has more than two trillion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas.

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