Nogales Sonora Mexico

Going on vacation to Nogales in Sonora Mexico? Want to know about real estate & pharmacies in Nogales? Our guide to Nogales Sonora Mexico gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The border city of Nogales is located in the Northern most region of Sonora Mexico.  This city is of high importance because it is the spot where American tourists enter Sonora Mexico. The city of Nogales neighbors the United States region of Arizona.  The climate there is desert with high temperatures, and dry (little rain) atmosphere. In both Arizona and Nogales, one is likely to find desert sand dunes, and cactus plants.

Thanks to NAFTA and other international trade laws, Nogales has fast become an industrialized region of Sonora, Mexico.  Recently, there has been a influx of international companies building factories including Motorola and Kimberly Clark.  This has caused job growth and many Mexicans are now moving to Nogales, Sonora Mexico in search of work.   Higher income has been good for this area–better homes are being built, and more money is being poured into health care and schools.

As a border town, Nogales has many of the common tourists trappings including shopping malls, restaurants, night clubs, and hotels.

Nogales Hotels

There are many fine hotels located in the Nogales region of Sonora Mexico.  There is a Holiday Inn Express across the border in Nogales, Arizona. Located just minutes from the border into Nogales, Sonora Mexico, this Holiday Inn offers all of the security afforded by a national chain. Here, most employees speak both English and Spanish.  For more information call 1-800-315-2605.

Nogales Restaurants

There are several good restaurants in Nogales, Sonora Mexico. La Roca is a beautifully decorated restaurant built into the side of a cliff.  This family owned restaurant has excellent shrimp and margaritas.   Elvira’s is another restaurant with excellent tourist reviews.  Elvira’s gives complimentary tequila shots and chips and salsa.

Nogales Shopping

Nogales, Senora Mexico is a shopper’s paradise. There is now a modern shopping mall. But, for a real Mexican experience, shop at the local small businesses.  Most shop owners are willing to compromise on the price of items.   Those wishing to shop at the local stores should bring plenty of cash because many stores will not accept checks or credit cards.

Crossing the border into Nogales, Sonora Mexico is fairly easy if you are a U.S. citizen. Experienced travelers say that the easiest way is to stay at a hotel in Arizona and then walk across the border.  Those walking must stop at border control and simply show their passport. Walkers are then allowed to continue on.  Drivers in cars must go through a bit more hassle. Not only will you need to show your passport; but your auto may also be subjected to searches by patrol guards.

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