Oaxaca Mexico

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Oaxaca is the fifth largest state in Mexico and home to many ancient cities with much cultural heritage such as Miahuatlan, Tlaxiaco and Guelatao. The capital of Oaxaca is Oaxaca City which has a population of approximately half a million. Oaxaca is located in the south east of Mexico and is home to some of the best examples of ancient Mexican architecture in all of Mexico. If you are looking for a more culturally rich alternative to the popular beach resort destinations in Mexico then Oaxaca, complete with it’s famous regional cuisine and cultural traditions would be a good choice for a vacation in Mexico.

Oaxaca has a stunningly rich and diverse array of natural scenery with everything from mountains to beaches to jungles. Oaxaca is home to many mountainous areas with peaks reaching approximately 10,000 feet in height.

Oaxaca Culture Mexico

Oaxaca City has many examples of architecture dating back to the 16th century when the Baroque style was in fashion in Europe. With a long history, Oaxaca has some of the best churches dating back to the colonial period as well as several old municipal buildings. Oaxaca is also home to several ancient archeological sites including Mitla, Monte Alban and Yagul. Each lies within a 25 mile radius of Oaxaca City.


Hotels in Oaxaca Mexico

Hotel accommodation in Oaxaca is plentiful, although unlike many other popular tourist destinations in Mexico there are not as many large five start resorts. Most people prefer to stay in smaller, privately owned and managed inns which offer a cozy atmosphere amongst more quaint and traditional surroundings. Although these hotels in Oaxaca may not have all of the state of the art facilities that their larger counterparts in Cancun and Mexico City may boast, they are nonetheless charming and many people prefer to stay in them. Many Oaxaca hotels are historical buildings in their own right.The Hostal de la Noria Hotel in Oaxaca is one of the most in demand hotels in Oaxaca. Located in the historical heart of Oaxaca City, the Hostal de la Noria Hotel in Oaxaca was a beautiful colonial mansion before it was converted into a grand Oaxaca hotel.


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