San Pancho Mexico

Looking for information on real estate rentals in San Pancho Mexico? Perhaps you’re going on vacation and looking for a surf spot in San Pancho? Our guide to san Pancho gives you the facts & information you want to know.

San Pancho was formerly known as San Fracisco, Nayarit. It is an old-fashioned village located along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The first people to live in this small village were Sr. Francisco Naranjo and two of his brothers. They built their haciendas in this small village. Many families moved to this village to live near the ocean. In honor of Sr. Francisco, they named the village after him and for the patron saint Sr. Francisco de Asis. Under the leadership of President Luis Echeverria Alvarez in 1970, he built schools, hospitals, universities, a museum, concrete streets and homes for the locals to live in. Today, a lot of these schools and hospitals are still being used. However, some of these buildings like the museum have damage due to their age. Some universities and museums are left abandoned but San Pancho still continued to develop and flourish into a more beautiful and civilized village.

San Pancho Mexico Festivals

One of the celebrations in this small village is a novena for their patron saint Sr. Francisco de Asis. It starts every 25th day of September and ends on the 4th day of October. Villagers initiate dances, sports, cultural events and bucolic speeches in honor of their patron saint. Their activities make this celebration more special which helps attract more tourists to visit their small village.

San Pancho Tourist Attractions

San Pancho has beautiful and captivating beaches surrounding their village. And on these beaches, one can enjoy surfing, swimming and other fun activities under the sun. Whales and dolphins are also found in this area which entertains the tourists visiting San Pancho especially from the month of November until the month of February. Some people are lucky enough to witness whales give birth in the area of these beaches. People come to visit San Pancho’s popular plaza near the beaches, too. The Plaza is full of decorative beaded arts such as that belonging to the Huichol Indians that looks very colorful which made the plaza more eye-catching. To satisfy your appetite, they have fruit and vegetable vendors, taco stands, gourmet restaurants offering native delicacies and rich spicy Mexican foods and Italian foods as well.

Today, the population of San Pancho is approximately about 2,000 people. Because of it gorgeous village and beautiful beaches, a lot of people are fascinated to visit their small village. Because of its popularity a lot of tourists are attracted to go on vacation. Some investors are eyeing to do business in this beautiful village of San Pancho. With business establishments coming in, this simply means more work opportunities for the people of San Pancho.

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