Santa Barbara Chihuahua Mexico

Traveling to Santa Barbara in Chihuahua Mexico? Want to know about geography, economy, culture and tourist attractions in Santa Barbara? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Santa Barbara occupies 424,200 square kilometers or 0.17% of the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. At first the place was a base for the exploring Spaniards during the 16th century. With the leadership of the governor and Commander-in-chief Francisco de Ibarra, the little town of Santa Barbara expanded to the north.  In 1564, many rebellious tribes appeared and a conqueror of Ibarra who was called Don Rodrigo, placed an end to the defiant deeds of the people. In December 17, 1930, the town received its title City due to the Loyal Decree of Legislature.

Santa Barbara Economy Mexico

Crops like walnuts, mesquites, junipers, acamos, gatuños, willows and madroños are all produced in Santa Barbara. The city’s main fruits are peach, pear and apple. These products are being sold word wide. Animals like coyotes, hares, wild cats, pumas, deer with white tails and rabbits can be found in this region. Santa Barbara protects these animals so they can preserve the beauty of their nature which will help them attract more tourists to come and visit their city. Natural minerals like lead, silver, gold, zinc, fluorite and other minerals are also abundant and the mines collectively occupy 7.180 hectares of the city. Lead is the main mineral being produce in this city.

Santa Barbara Festivals

The most dominant religion in the City of Santa Barbara is Catholic since 93% of its population are loyal devotees of Catholicism and also because, Mexico is a Catholic country. The remaining portions of the population which is about 7% are Protestants, Methodists, Evangelicals, Adventists, Witnesses of Jehovah. A lot of celebrations are also being celebrated in Santa Barbara including special holidays like Christmas, New Year and Independence Day. Every 8th day of September, the city celebrates  the day of the Virgin of the Remedies; and every 12th day of December the people of Santa Barbara are celebrating the day of the Virgin of the Guadalupe. Santa Barbara is also known for its native delicacies like stuffed enchiladas, chili peppers, and barbecue head of cattle, meat with colored Chile, fried chicken, quesadillas and gorditas of meat.

Santa Barbara Chihuahua Tourist Attractions

Most tourists are attracted to caves, mountain ranges and other natural infrastructures of this City. Caves, in this city, have paintings on it which were made by early indigenous people who lived before on these lands which made these caves more special and mysterious. One of the most popular hotels of Santa Barbara is Venfomen Hotel which was built 1902. The railway station in Santa Barbara which was built during the 19th century is also a huge tourist attraction.

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