Sonora Mexico Travel Info Guide

Going on vacation to Mexico? Driving through Sonora State? Looking for interesting things to do in Sonora? Our guide gives you all the background information you want to know.

Sonora State is one of the larger states in Mexico located in the north west of the country. To the north, Sonora is bordered mainly by the US state of Arizona, although there is a small border with New Mexico as well. East of Sonora lies the Mexican state of Chihuahua, home to the bustling Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez which is one of the busiest border crossing points between Mexico and the US. South of Sonora is where Sinaloa state can be found and some of Mexico’s oldest rural communities. To the west of Sonora is the Sea Of Cortez which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors per year, whether it be for fishing or sunbathing and relaxing on the golden beaches. Although Sonora is home to several large towns, much of the land mass of this state is consumed by the vast Sonoran desert. The largest towns in Sonora Mexico are Nogales, Hermosillo, Guaymas, Navojoa and Alamos

Sonora Copper Canyon

One of the highlights on any visit to Sonora has to be the Copper Canyon. Although not as famous as the Grand Canyon in the USA, The Copper Canyon in Sonora is no less beautiful and in fact, in terms of size actually dwarfs the Grand Canyon. Experts state that the Copper Canyon of Mexico is at least 4 times larger than the Grand Canyon and actually consists of a series of 20 inter connected canyons.

Sonora Mexico Industry

The people of Sonora have traditionally been rural agriculturalists and this remains the case for a large number of Sonoran people even today. In addition to growing crops such as wheat and cotton, the raising of livestock, especially beef is a prevalent means of subsistence for a great number of people in Sonora Mexico.

Driving in Sonora Mexico

If you’re driving through Sonora From the US then highway 15 is the most popular and direct route that follows the Pacific coastline south and connects many of Sonora’s major cities. Highway 15 begins at the border town of Nogales which is a convenient place to enter Mexico and begin your travels. It takes about 4 hours to get from Nogales to the town of Hermosillo, and another 90 minutes to get to Guaymas. Driving along highway 15 is generally a pleasant experience as it parallels the Pacific coast for 1000km. However, driving alone at night on this highway can be dangerous as there have been several reports of car jacking in the past, so if possible do your driving during the day and spend your evenings relaxing by the coast. The condition of the highways in Mexico are generally ok as they are paid for by a series of toll booths planted along the highway at intervals. The most you will be expected to pay at one of these booths is $8 per car.

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