French Door Bottom Freezers

French door bottom freezers are becoming the latest vogue in refrigerator design, owing to their appealing looks and user-friendly features. Read our guide for more facts and information…

In keeping up with the advancing trends, refrigerator manufacturers have launched innovative designs that enhance the user experience. Traditional refrigerators that feature a single door for both the freezer compartment and fresh-food compartment have evolved over the decades to double door models, and the most recent French door bottom freezer models. The features of this latest model are discussed below.

Overview of French door bottom freezer refrigerators

French door bottom freezers are built in the armoire style, which allows for minimal space occupancy.  They are actually an expansion from side-by-side refrigerators, with a bottom freezer included in the design. The freezer is located at the bottom, unlike the traditional models where the freezer is at the top. Further, the freezer can be of the drawer type or the swinging door type. The doors have side panels for storage of bottles and smaller items. The freezer unit which is usually less utilized is placed on the underside of the refrigerator unit, in an attempt to make it more usable.

Comparison with traditional refrigerator models

The main difference of a French door bottom freezer from the standard model is that the freezer compartment that was formerly positioned at the top is now placed at the bottom. Further, the fresh food compartment that sits atop the freezer unit has dual swinging doors, which makes it ideal for smaller kitchens. The freezer can be reached more conveniently, and advanced designs come with an LCD unit to display the temperature in both the compartments. With diverse exterior finishes, including stainless steel, this model renders a more chic appearance when compared to the earlier models and it blends well with the modern décor.

Advantages of French door bottom freezers

The main advantage of these refrigerators pertains to the ease of accessing the freezer, due to its location at the eye level. Hence, there is almost no chance of overlooking foods stored in the freezer and leaving them to spoil, something that is common with the traditional models due to the inconvenience in accessing the freezer at the top. The bottom compartment is also relatively spacious. Bottom freezers with swing doors are even more spacious and occupy minimal exterior space when they are opened. They have additional features such as LCD displays, ice dispensers and filtered water dispensers. The bottom position of the freezer allows for energy efficiency unlike the earlier top-freezer models that consume more energy to retain the temperature, given the fact that warm air always rises upwards.

French door bottom freezer refrigerators are costlier than standard models. Nevertheless, their stylish look and convenient features have made them popular among today’s consumers.

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